NPWS "Steel Cage Mania"
St. Bernadettes Lourds Parish Hall, Parlin, NJ
December 1, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars returned to Parlin, NJ's St. Bernadette's Church Lourds Parish Hall on Saturday night December 1st, for their first show since before Hurricane Sandy. This was the latest episode of NPWS' "Steel Cage Mania", and the area fans showed how much they missed NPWS in action, as a very good near-capacity Saturday night crowd turned out to see all the action.

The opening contest was a six-man tag-team explosion, as former tag-team champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers) and their partner J.T. Highlander took on the the trio of Nick Napoleon & the Jersey Shore lunatic Slayer & Tony "Smokehouse" Garrick (making his NPWS debut), who were managed by St. Bernadette's Knights of Columbus member Captain Billy Bathe. Slayer and Napoleon's wild styles initially befuddled their veteran opponents, but the tables were soon turned as THe Dudes and Highlander isolated the rookie Smokehouse in their corner and triple-teamed him. To his credit, Smokehouse survived the onslaught, turned a missed avalanche by Havoc into a powerslam, and tagged in Napoleon. Napoleon and Slayer cleaned house on Rogers and Highlander and tossed them out of the ring, and Slayer took them out with a flying dive from the top. Back in the ring, Napoleon took down Havoc with a flatliner and had him covered for the three-count, when Nicky Oceans ran into the ring and interrupted the count, claining that Rampage and Highlander were being illegally attacked on the outside. As the referee looked to the outside, Oceans seized Napoleon and drove him into the mat with his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher, and dragged Havoc on top of Napoleon. The referee turned around and saw the cover and counted the pin for Havoc 1-2-3.
Winners: The 2 Rude Dudes & J.T. Highlander

The next match was billed as a "South Town Street Fight", as South River's Crazy Ivan took on South Amboy's "Low Life" Louis Ramos. The match was indeed a street fight from the opening bell, as both wrestlers brawled inside and outside the ring, mostly outside. Eventually they brawled all the way to the back, and the referee had enough and counted both wrestlers out.
Winner: None (double countout)

The third match was an NPWS Jersey Shore Championship match, a rematch from the last area show, as current champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans took on challenger "Salsa King" Dionett Vittone. Before the match started, Oceans' buddies Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers & Danny Demanto came into the ring to wish Oceans good luck, and they also mockingly wished Vittone luck as well, making fun of his heritage. They left the ring, and the match finally began, and Vittone took the fight to Oceans as the two brawled outside the ring, and back in. Towards the end of the match, Oceans took down Vittone with an Enziguri Kick in the corner, and made two attempts to hit his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher on Vittone, but the challenger broke out of both attempts, and hit a somersault powerbomb on Oceans and pinned him 1-2-3! As Vittone celebrated with his new belt, Havoc and Rogers and Demanto came into the ring and seemed to genuinely congratulate Vittone, but as Havoc and Rampage were holding up his arms in victory, Demanto slipped a chain into the back of Vittone's tights. As Vittone turned around to leave the ring, Demanto "discovered" the chain and pointed it to the referee, and Havoc claimed he had seen Vittone use it on Oceans. Vittone claimed ignorance, but the referee was convinced by Demanto and Havoc and reversed the decision, awarding the match and the belt back to Oceans.
Winner (by disqualification after reversed decision) and still NPWS Jersey Shore Champion: "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans.

The fourth match was another title rematch from the last area show, as NPWS Cruiserweight Champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie took on challenger and local favorite Brandon Kirk. Before the match, Smoothie promised to give Brandon the beating of his life, and after the bell rang he was true to his word, as he tore into Brandon and totally dominated him for the first several minutes of the match. But Brandon hung in there, and after ducking a lariat from Smoothie, he hit Smoothie with a flurry of offensive moves, crowning it off with a towering vertical suplex and a rolling DDT. As Brandon went to the top rope to finish Smoothie off, Danny Demanto ran down to the ring and pulled Smoothie out to safety. Smoothie apparently wanted no more of Brandon, as he staggered back to the locker room with Demanto, and was counted out by the referee.
Winner (by countout): Brandon Kirk. J.D. Smoothie remains NPWS Cruiserweight Champion.

The fifth match was a tag-team attraction featuring former WWE TV stars, as Samoan Family members Manu & L.A. Smooth took on "Smiling" Smith James & former WWE & WCW star "America's Hero" The Patriot, who were managed by Captain Billy Bathe. Smith James started off against Manu, and the Samoans were initially befuddled by Smith and actually bumped each other a few times before regrouping on the outside. Manu tried to sneak a chair into the ring but was caught by the referee. Patriot locked up with L.A. Smooth then tagged in Smith, but thanks to a kick by Manu from the outside, Manu and Smooth were able to double-team Smith in their corner. Manu bodyslammed the big Smith impressively, twice, but when he went for a flying headbutt to finish him off, Smith rolled out of the way and Manu's head hit nothing but mat. Patriot tagged in and cleaned house on both Samoans, leveled them both with a double Patriot Missile, then RKO'd Manu and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winners: "Smiling" Smith James & "America's Hero" The Patriot

The show then broke for intermission as the ring crew assembled the steel cage around the ring for the two main event matches, taking extra time to make sure the cage was reinforced enough for two matches, as the wrestlers and fans posed for pictures and NPWS celebrated birthdays.

In the first of the two main event steel cage matches, NPWS Hardcore Champion "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto defended his title against "Jersey Shore Jock" Chris D'Andrea (filling in for Lucifer Darkside). The match started off with Chris exterting his quickness as the two tried to ram each other's faces into the cage wall. As Chris pitched Danny into the wall, his right knee got twisted in the ropes and he was yelling in pain as the referees came into the cage to help extract his knee from the twisted ropes. Danny apologized that he could not continue with the match, and in a show of sportsmanship, Chris offered to help walk him out of the cage. But Demanto then stunned the crowd by clotheslining Chris and standing up straight as if nothing ever happened. Danny continued to tear into Chris as the match resumed. Danny hauled Chris to the top rope for a superplex, and Chris shoved him off, but he missed a flying knee off the top rope. Danny wedged a chair in one corner, but was unable to successfully toss Chris into it right away, and Chris leveled Danny with two clotheslines and a spinebuster, but only got a two-count. Danny finally pitched Chris head-first into the chair in the corner, then propped up the chair, sat Chris on it, and went for a flying clothesline from the top rope, only to have Chris reverse things and toss Danny onto the chair instead. A low groin kick from Danny stopped any further momentum from Chris, and Danny hit a Samoan Drop on Chris, followed by a Moonsault from the top rope, but could only get a two-count. Danny began climbing up the cage wall to escape, but Chris recovered and climbed up after him and tossed him back to the mat. Chris then climbed to the very top of the cage, and in a thrilling moment that the fans will not soon forget, a la Superfly Snuka leaped and hit a flying splash on Danny, but only got a two-count. Chris then went all the way hardcore and emptied a back of thumb tack onto the mat and went climbing to the top of the cage again, but Danny recovered and came after him, seized Chris, and hit a flying powerbomb from the top rope right onto the pile of thumbtacks, and this time got the 1-2-3.
Winner and still NPWS Hardcore Champion: "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto

The second main event steel cage match was a battle of TV wrestling stars, as ROH star Q.T. Marshall (who insisted that his name was pronounced "Mar-SHALL") took on former ECW hardcore icon John "Balls" Mahoney. Marshall tried to make fun of Balls' appearance, but Balls reminded Marshall that he was already a veteran when Marshall was still watching wrestling as a kid and buying tickets for live shows. Balls said that this was going to be an "extreme" cage match, but in deference to Marshall's wrestling background, he would also agree to count pinfalls and submissions. Balls tossed a trash can full of assorted objects into the cage, and ran in right behind and the match was on. Marshall tried to ram Balls' face into the cage, but Balls quickly reversed the attempt and Marshall quickly regretted the attempt. Balls pounded on Marshall, then went to level him with the trash can, but Marshall ducked and seized Balls and rammed his face hard into the cage wall, busting him open. Marshall leveled Balls with a metal tray, but could only get a two-count. Marshall tried to escape the cage, but Balls stopped him and dragged him back in. Marshall then seized another metal tray and sliced open Balls' arm with it, then rubbed it against the cage wall for good measure. But that only made Balls super angry, and he screamed he was gonna end the match right then and there, and when Marshall went for a drop kick, Balls seized his legs and flipped him over his head and head-first right into the cage. Balls then hit Marshall with a metal chair shot to the head, and pinned him right there 1-2-3.
Winner: John "Balls" Mahoney