NPWS "Haunted Halloween Hysteria"
Seashore Broadway Arena, Long Branch, NJ
October 27, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars returned to Long Branch, NJ's Seashore Broadway Arena on Saturday night October 27th for the second of two shows of their "Howling Halloween Hysteria" weekend, proving that not even the approaching "Frankenstorm" could drive the northeast's most popular pro wrestling promotion out of town. Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the fans, as the impending storm reduced the fan turnout, but the crowd was energetic nonetheless, and a good time was had by all.

Before the show, the fans posed for pictures with former WWE star The Boogeyman.

The opening contest was an International singles match as Hiram Tua took on "The Latin Lover" Chachi. Chachi came to the ring carrying his own full-length mirror with which to admire his own reflection. The two put on a fast-paced match with neither man having the advantage. Towards the end, Tua went on a flurry of offense, but missed a flying splash. Chachi hit a "Sicilian-Slice"-style elevated legdrop on Tua, followed by a successful flying splash, but could only get a two-count. Frustrated, Chachi brought a steel chair into the ring to finish off Tua, but Referee Kenny Edwards took it from him. A furious Chachi shoved the referee, who shoved him right back, and Chachi fell right into a schoolboy rollup by Tua as Referee Edwards happily counted a quick 1-2-3.
Winner: Hiram Tua

The second contest was another singles bout with international flavor, as NPWS Tag-Team Title co-holder The Jersey Kidd took on Mexican luchador Manuel Manny Moore. The two battled for several minutes before Jersey Kidd fought his way out of a Scorpion Death Drop by Manny, and planted him into the mat with a Flatliner and got the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Jersey Kidd

The third bout was a six-man tag-team explosion, as the trio of "Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Mr. Varsity" Jeff Noyze & newcomer Matt Melillo, acompanied by manager Gigalo Joe Jones and his "bodyguards" Danny Demanto & J.D. Smoothie, were scheduled to take on "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm & Eddie "Spaghetti" Franken & Antonio Malave, managed by "The Samoan Stomper" Big Ryan J. But only Fehrm and Eddie came out with Ryan J. Ryan J. claimed that Malave's flight was delayed by the bad weather in the Southeast. Commissioner Al LiCata told Ryan that he was welcome to choose any NPWS wrestler in the building as a replacement. There were no available wrestlers in the locker room, but Ryan spotted retired NPWS star J.L. Superstar sitting in the audience. J.L. initially declined to come out of retirement, but urged on by the fans, he changed his mind and jumped in the ring next to Fehrm and Eddie.

The match finally began and J.L. and Havoc started to lock up, but Havoc goaded Fehrm to tag in. Fehrm and Eddie initially dominated Havoc, but then Eddie missed a flying splash and big Jeff Noyze tagged in and immediately asserted his power advantage on Fehrm, and he and Havoc and Melillo held Fehrm in their corner for several minutes, and even Jones and Smoothie got in some shots when Fehrm was tossed outside. But Fehrm withstood the assault, escaped a back body drop attempt by Melillo, superkicked him, and tagged in J.L. J.L. took down both big men Havoc and Noyze, and tagged in Eddie who took down Noyze with a tornado DDT and hit a flying Spaghetti Neckbreaker on Havoc. Joe Jones jumped onto the ring apron to distract the referee from counting the pinfall. Meanwhile, Eddie went to the top rope to take down Noyze, but Smoothie jumped onto the ring apron and shoved Eddie off the top rope and right into Noyze's arms, who took down Eddie with an F-5 and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winners: "Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Mr. Varsity" Jeff Noyze & Matt Melillo

The fourth match was a bonus non-title attraction as NPWS Cruiserweight Champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie, with manager Gigalo Joe Jones and his bodyguards Danny Demanto & former ECW & WSU Women's Champion Angel Orsini, took on local newcomer Brandon Kirk. Before the match, Commissioner Al LiCata sent Demanto and Angel to the back as Joe Jones had forgotten to include them in the contract to be at ringside. Kirk took the fight to Smoothie from the start, but the veteran Smoothie dominated the middle parts of the match, pummeling Kirk inside and outside the ring. Kirk came back with a flurry of offense, hitting a pair of suplexes and a powerslam, but when he went to the top rope for a powerslam, Smoothie stopped him and hit a superplex, followed by a flying Legdrop Across The Delaware, but could only get a two-count. Smoothie went for a second flying leg drop, but missed it. As Kirk went for a cover, Danny Demanto ran into the ring from the back and attacked Kirk, casuing an immediate disqualification.
Winner (by disqualification): Brandon Kirk

Demanto continued his attack on Kirk, piledriving him viciously into the mat, and Angel Orsini came in and hit a legdrop on Kirk's "nether region", until Merrill & Nikki Richardson ran into the ring and chased them out. Demanto promised Merrill & Nikki and their family at ringside that he would destroy the sibling tag-team in their match later that night. Commissioner Al LiCata then turned his attention back to Smoothie, and announced that he and Brandon Kirk would have a rematch when NPWS returned to the Long Branch area in late February.

During intermission, former WWE star The Boogeyman posed for pictures in the ring with the fans, and NPWS awarded prozes to those few fans who had come in Halloween costume.

The fifth match was the aforementioned inter-gender tag-team match, as NPWS Hardcore Champion "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & former ECW and WSU Women's Champion Angel Orsini, took on NPWS' first ever brother-sister tag-team of Merril "The Peril" Richardson & Nikki "The Wrath" Richardson. Danny and Merrill started off, and turne dout to be equals in the power department, which frustrated Danny. Angel and Nikki tagged in, and Nikki initially dominated Angel with a series of facebusters into the mat, but the veteran Angel quickly regained the advantage, and she and Danny double-teamed Nikki in their corner. After Angel put down Nikki with a powerslam, Danny threatened to smash her face with a vertical splash, but Nikki rolled out of the way and tagged in Merrill. Merrill shoved Angel aside, not willing to actually hit her, and took down Danny. But when Angel slapped Merrill, he had had enough and threatened to smash her head into the turnbuckle, only to be attacked by Danny. Danny threw Merrill out of the ring and attacked him on the floor, while Angel attacked Nikki on the opposite side. Danny then advanced menacingly on Merrill's mother, but she stopped him with a high-spirited slap to his face. Angel threw Nikki back into the ring and went after Merrill, and Danny returned to the ring and advanced on Nikki. Nikki slapped Danny, which infuriated him, and Danny picked up Nikki and drove her into the mat with a vicious piledriver and pinned her 1-2-3.
Winners: "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & Angel Orsini

After the match, Danny took the mic and said that the Richardson duo did not belong in the ring, and he and Angel would prove it again when NPWS returned to the Long Branch area in late February, as Danny would take on Merrill and Angel would take on Nikki in separate singles matches.

The sixth match was another tag-team encounter, as the duo of Puerto Rican newcomers Phenomeno B.J. & Sensational Carlitos took on Team Champions (NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "Young Gun" Mike Dennis & NPWS Jersey Shore Champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans). The newcomers B.J. & Carlitos used their speed and high-flying skills to take the fight to the veterans Dennis & Oceans and kept the match even. Oceans and Dennis were able to isolate Carlitos in their corner for a time, but Carlitos withstood the assault, took down Oceans with a airborne RKO, and tagged in B.J. B.J. took down Dennis with a hurricanrana and flying forearm, but Oceans broke up the pin. Oceans hit his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher on B.J., but Carlitos broke up the pin. Carlitos hit a running lariat on Oceans in the corner followed by a flying cross-body off the top rope. When Dennis tried to break Carlitos' momentum, Carlitos tripped him into the ropes then hit a thundering 6-1-9 on Dennis. B.J. then planted Dennis into the mat with a huge shoulder-breaker and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: Phenomeno B.J. & Sensational Carlitos

The Main Event was the "Howling Halloween Hysteria" match as Mor-Ta-Da (the tribute character to the late WCW star Mortis, managed by Gigalo Joe Jones) took on former WWE star The Boogeyman, managed by "The Samoan Stomper" B.J. Ryan. After initial reluctance to get in the ring, Mor-Ta-Da charged at Boogeyman and the fight was on. The two battled all over the arena, brawling and hitting each other with tables and chairs and trays and anything else that wasn't already nailed down. Referee Jimmy Storm tried to disarm both men, as this was not signed as a Hardcore Rules match, but had only marginal success. The match finally returned to the ring, and Boogeyman nailed a chokeslam on Mor-Ta-Da and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winner: The Boogeyman

Boogeyman took out his bag of live worms to the delight of the crowd, but before he could feed them to Mor-Ta-Da, Joe Jones jumped in the ring and rolled Mor-Ta-Da to safety, but then found himself trapped in the ring with Boogeyman, as Mor-Ta-Da wanted nothing more to do with Boogeyman and left Jones alone in the ring. Jones tried to escape, but was decked by B.J. Ryan. Boogeyman seized Jones, powerslammed him into the mat, and prepared to feed him a faceful of worms, when Referee Jimmy Storm tried to stop him. Boogeyman seized Referee Storm, chokeslammed him to the mat, and gave him and Jones a faceful of worms, sending the crowd home happy.