NPWS At Brick, NJ Elks Lodge
October 6, 2012

NPWS returned to their favorite Jersey Shore venue, the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge, on Saturday night October 6th, with a solid Saturday night crowd packing the house to see their favorite pro wrestling stars.

Before the show, NPWS introduced their Guest Commissioner for the night, Johnny Candido (younger brother of the late former ECW & WWE & TNA star Chris Candido).Johnny promised he will keep a close eye on all the action tonight.

In the opening contest, a tag-team affair, NPWS Cruiserweight Champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie & A.C. Kewl, amanged by Gigalo Joe Jones, took on rising NPWS star Merrill "The Prodigy: Richardson & The Atomic Dog. Smoothie and Kewl tried attacking Merrill and Atomic Dog before the match started, but they quickly turned the tables on them. The match then started in earnest, and Smoothie and Kewl quickly isolated the inexperienced Merrill and kept him in their corner for several minutes. But Merrill withstood the assault, and after avalanching Kewl in the cormer, he tagged in Atomic Dog  who cleaned house on both opponents, powerslamming Kewl and F-5'ing Smoothie. Atomic Dog then tossed Kewl out of the ring and followed him out, and the two fought outside the ring. Back in the ring, Merrill hit a Stone Cold Stunner on Smoothie, but Joe Jones broke up the pin. While Atomic Dog was chasing off Joe Jones, Kewl flattened Merrill with an underhook side slam and Smoothie finished him off with a Leg Drop Across The Delaware, then Kewl covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winners: "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie & A.C. Kewl

After the match, A.C. Kewl announced that this had been his final match, and after thirteen years he was stepping away from wrestling. The wrestlers and fans gave him a hearty farewell and a standing ovation.

The second match was another tag-team attraction as Team Champions (NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "Young Gun" Mike Dennis & NPWS Jersey Shore Champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans) took on The Lords Of Rock And Roll ("Retro Rocker" Rikki Roxx & The Jersey Kidd). The match was a fast-paced nonstop affair. Roxx & Kidd dominated early, but the veterans Oceans and Dennis soon isolated Roxx and double-teamed him for several minutes. But after Oceans missed a Vader-bomb in the corner, Roxx tagged in Jersey Kidd who cleaned house on both opponents and took Oceans down with a flying lariat. Dennis broke up the pin, and Oceans held The Kidd as Dennis aimed a superkick at him, but The Kidd ducked and Dennis' kick hit his own partner instead. Roxx leveled Dennis with a superkick, and The Kidd took down the still-groggy Oceans with a Flatliner and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Lords Of Rock And Roll

An angry Oceans had words with his partner Dennis, and the two began shoving each other in anger, before a disgusted Oceans left the ring on his own.

The third match was one of three grudge matches from the last Ocean County show, as Strife took on Corrupted Youth. The two rivals were both dressed in combat camouflage and clearly ready for combat, which the two engaged in from the start. After a back and forth battle, Strife had Corrupted Youth down on the mat, and he put on his flak jacket and went to the top rope to deliver a splash, but Youth got his boot up into Strife's face as he came down. Youth battled back with a flurry of offense, but when Strife went for a flying spin kick, Youth ducked and the referee was knocked down instead. Strife took advantage and low-blowed Youth, then pulled a bag of powder out of his tights and blasted Youth in the face with a handful. He covered Youth as the still-groggy referee counted 1-2-3.
Winner: Strife

Acting Commissioner Johnny Candido immediately was at ringside, and quoted the NPWS rules that a Guest Commissioner can overturn one match decision, and this match cried out for justice, and he ordered the decision reversed. A furious Strife argued with Johnny, to no avail.
Winner (by disqualification after reversal of referee's decision): Corrupted Youth

The fourth match was another grudge match from the last Ocean County show, as NPWS Tag-Team Champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "The Final Freebird" Damien Darling & "Mr.Varsity" Jeff Noyze, managed by the sultry Savannah, took on the trio of Ray Ray Marz & Slayer & manager-turned-wrestler "Big 80's" Donnie V, with guest referee Jay Johnson. Before the match, Havoc called over Commissioner Johnny Candido and asked for a stipulation: If his team won, Donnie V. would never be allowed to wrestle in NPWS again. Johnny said that as long as Donnie V. could be an NPWS manager once again, which Havoc agreed to, that was fine. Donnie V. then asked for a stiplulation of his own: If his team won, Savannah would come out with former WWE star The Godfather as one of his Ho's. Despite Savannah's protests, Johnny said that stipulation would be in place as well.

The match finally began with Havoc and Slayer locking up, and Slayer's unpredictable style dominated Havoc. Marz and Damien tagged in, and Damien forced Marz into his team's corner, where they dominated Marz for several minutes, until Marz ducked a clothesline from Noyze and took the big man down with two powerful clotheslines and a running knee, and in his enthusiasm tagged in Donnie V. The inexperienced Donnie was quickly overwhelmed and triple-teamed by his opponents, but to his credit kicked out of multiple pin attempts. When Damien picked up Donnie for a powerbomb, Donnie wriggled out of it and tagged in Slayer, who cleaned house on all three opponents. Marz clotheslined Damien out of the ring, and he and Slayer knocked Noyze out with a double clothesline. Slayer then went to the top rope and took out both of them outside the ring with a flying body press. Back in the ring, Havoc took down Marz with an underhook backbreaker, but could only get a two-count. Furious, he began shoving Referee Johnson, who being a wrestler-in-training himself refused to be intimidated, shoved Havoc right back. During this exchange, Donnie V. had crawled back into the ring, and Johnson shoved Havoc so hard he tumbled backwards over Donnie. Donnie took advantage and rolled up Havoc in a schoolboy, and Johnson was only too happy to count 1-2-3.
Winners: Ray Ray Marz & Slayer & "Big 80's" Donnie V

As Donnie V. and his team celebrated the win, and Savannah screamed in horror at having to be one of The Godfather's Ho's, Havoc seized and pildrove Johnson into the mat, and he and Damien and Noyze stomped and kicked Johnson. Johnny Ringo ran into the ring to try and save Johnson, but his opponent for later Danny Demanto came out right after him, followed by former ECW & TNA star Julio Dinero, and the two attacked Ringo, until former WWE star The Godfather ran out to the ring and chased all the attackers out. As the attackers retreated, Havoc seized the microphone and challenged Jay Johnson to wrestle him one-on-one. Johnson accepted, and the match was made for the next Brick show in late January. The Godfather then took the microphone and told Julio Dinero that he had no idea what was in store for him when the two met later that evening. Godfather then invited Savannah into the ring and welcomed her as the newest member of his Ho' Train, and promised that the ladies who accompanied him to Brick would provide her with a suitable outfit.

During intermission, The Godfather posed for pictures in the ring with the fans, and NPWS celebrated birthdays.

The fifth match was a return grudge match for the NPWS Hardcore Championship, referee'd by former ECW hardcore icon John "Balls" Mahoney, as the newly-crowned champion from the last Ocean County show, "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo, took on the challenger who attacked him right after that victory, "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto. Ringo came out armed to the teeth with a trash can full of weapons, but it was Demanto who attacked first, leveling Ringo with garbage can lids and tin plates, then dragging him over in front of his family and slashing his forehead with a cheese grater, busting him wide open. Demanto pounded on Ringo inside and outside the ring, and despite Ringo's refusal to quit and attempts at offense, the veteran Demanto dominated the early minutes of the match. Ringo finally turned the tables and fought out of a kendo-stick-choke by Demanto and powerslammed him, and then avalanched him in a corner and powerbomed him onto a trash can, but could only get a two-count. Demanto then seized a pair of handcuffs, leveled Ringo with them, then proceeded to handcuff Ringo to the ropes and smack him with a kendo stick. Demanto then seized a chair and threatened to finish off Ringo completely. As he raised the chair, Balls Mahoney seized it out of Demanto's hands, and told him that he was *not* going to smash Ringo with the chair, then in a move which stunned the crowd, Balls announced that *he* was going to do it instead, and clocked Ringo on the head with the chair, shocking the crowd into silence. Balls then took the key to the handcuffs and unlocked them. As the unconscious Ringo slumped to the mat, Demanto covered him and Balls counted 1-2-3.
Winner and *NEW* NPWS Hardcore Champion: "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto

Johnny Candido was immediately at ringside as the officials gave the bloody Ringo medical attention. Since he could not reverse this decision, he instead made the bold move of challenging Demanto and Balls to a match at the next Brick show in January against himself and Johnny Ringo. Balls and Demanto accepted, and Balls and Johnny charged at each other and brawled with punches and kicks, requiring the entire cadre of NPWS officials and Security staff to separate them as they repeatedly charged at each other.

After the ring area was cleaned up and cleared of debris from the last match, it was time for the Main Event, as former ECW and TNA star Julio Dinero, with manager Gigalo Joe Jones, took on former WWE star The Godfather, who was announced as being accompanied by his Ho' Train of the lovely Miss Michelle and Savannah. Only Miss Michelle came out with him, but she ran to the back and dragged out a reluctant Savannah, who still insisted she was a real lady and was only doing this under protest. Julio was reluctant to get in the ring and lock up with the bigger and stronger Godfather, but he finally did, and used a cheap kick to the gut to go on the offensive early. Godfather quickly powered up and tossed Julio out of the ring. Julio returned and locked up Godfather with wrestling holds, but Godfather quickly out-powered Julio again. Joe Jones distracted Godfather long enough for Julio to land a low blow on Godfather and stayed on the offensive for several minutes, but when Julio went for a moonsault to finish off Godfather, he rolled out of the way and Julio hit nothing but mat. Godfather went to town on Julio, then tossed him into the corner. Each man went for a Ho' Train avalanche and missed, then Godfather connected on his second attempt, and then rolled up Julio for the three-count.
Winner: The Godfather

The Godfather then invited his Ho' Train to come to the ring and celebrate his victory with him, but Joe Jones also jumped into the ring to save Savannah from further embarassment. Godfather seized Jones and threatened to deck him, but Savannah jumped between Godfather and Jones to protect him. Savannah stopped and looked at the much bigger and stronger Godfather, and realized that protecting Jones wasn't worth it anymore, and she and Miss Michelle sent Jones to the canvas with twin elbows, and Savannah made a show of covering Jones as the referee counted a symbolic 1-2-3 for Savannah. Godfather then celebrated the victory with Savannah & Miss Michelle as the show closed.