NPWS At Long Hill Township Community Center, Stirling, NJ
September 21, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars kicked off its Fall 2012 tour with the first show of a two-show weekend on Friday night September 21st, returning to Stirling, NJ's Long Hill Township Community Center. An enthusiastic Friday night crowd was on hand to support NPWS and its co-sponsors, the Long Hill P.B.A., Bernardsville Columbus Club, and Bernards Township Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Before the show, the fans got autographs and pictures with former WWE superstar Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and former ECW stars Tommy Dreamer and Julio Dinero.

NPWS Ring Announcer Johnny Falco introduced the lovely Destiny as his co-hostess for the evening.

In the opening contest, The Illegal Outer Space Alien, managed by Royce Profit (returning after a long suspension from NPWS), took on a former WWE & WCW star who was also returning to NPWS after a long absence, "America's Hero" The Patriot. The Alien and Profit tried to attack Patriot two-on-one at the start, but America's Hero took control and tossed Profit out of the ring. The Alien's size and complete unpredictability made him a pushover by no means, but the veteran Patriot gave as good as he got inside and outside the ring. Towards the end, Profit grabbed Patriot on the ropes and held him for a clothesline from The Alien, but Patriot ducked out of the way at the last minute and The Alien collided with his own manager instead. Patriot rolled up the stunned Alien and got the 1-2-3.
Winner: "America's Hero" The Patriot.

The second match was for the NPWS Cruiserweight Title, as the champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie took on challenger Chris "Boom Boom" Powers. Powers, who had gone all the way to the Semifinals of the J-Cup Tournament the month before, and was eager to prove himself against the champion, matched him hold for hold early and kept the advantage. But when Smoothie took a break from the momentum on the outside and Powers followed him, Smoothie turned the tables (or in this case, the ring steps) on Powers, and threw him back in the ring and dominated the next few minutes. But Powers would not go down so easy, even kicking out of a pin after Smoothie's "Leg Drop Across The Delaware" finisher. Powers battled back, leveling Smoothie with a neckbreaker but could not pin him. The two traded punches, and Smoothie shoved Powers into the corner and hauled him up to the top rope for a superplex. But Powers shoved Smoothie off and hit a moonsault, and as he was covering him for the three-count, the bell sounded, indicating the time limit had expired. Powers and the crowd clamored for five more minutes; Smoothie promised Powers a rematch someday, but not tonight.
Winner: None (time-limit draw). "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie retains the NPWS Cruiserweight Title.

After the match, Smoothie offered to shake hands with Powers in a show of sportsmanship, but then clotheslined him hard to the mat and stood over him in arrogant triumph.

The third match was a tag-team match, as the duo of NPWS Tag-Team Champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc & The Wrestling Matt, with manager Royce Profit and Danny Demanto & former ECW star Julio Dinero in their corner, took on "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm & Eddie "Spaghetti" Franken. Before the match, Demanto and Dinero claimed they were just out there to watch the match, before their own main event tag-team match. NPWS Commissioner Al LiCata pointed out that only Royce Profit was contracted to be in Havoc's & Matt's corner, and ordered Demanto and Dinero to leave the ring immediately. The match finally started with Havoc and Matt initially out-powering the smaller Fehrm and Eddie. Fehrm and Eddie used their quickness to stay in the match, but Havoc and Matt dominated Fehrm for a stretch, then Eddie. Fehrm tagged back in and leveled Havoc with a superkick, but could not pin him. Havoc and Matt hit a boot to the face and a backbreaker on Fehrm, but could not hold him down for three. Havoc lifted Fehrm up on the top rope for a superplex, but Fehrm reversed it into a flying cross body, but could not hold Havoc down. Fehrm hit a spin kick on Havoc and tagged in Eddie, who missed a dropkick on Matt, but then reversed a superplex attempt by Matt into a flying knee. Havoc broke up the pin and took Eddie down with a double underhook backbreaker. Fehrm broke up the pin attempt and went for a Nerd Cutter on Havoc, but Havoc powered out and took down Fehrm with a crucifix slam and got the 1-2-3.
Winners: "Corrupted" Corey Havoc & The Wrestling Matt

Danny Demanto and Julio Dinero ran back into the ring from the back, and continued in the attack on Fehrm and Eddie. Eddie's "Wiz Kids" partner Chris Powers tried to run in and make the save, but he was outnumbered and thrown out. Then out came Demanto's and Dinero's opponents in the main event, Jeff "Cannonball" Guerrero & former ECW star Tommy Dreamer, plus The Patriot and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, and Demanto and his cohorts retreated to the outside, promising retribution in the main event later that night.

During intermission, Tommy Dreamer and Brutus Beefcake posed for pictures in the ring with the fans, and NPWS celebrated some birthdays.

Mayor Emeritus Al LiCata and Long Hill P.B.A. Officer Gary Bauer were introduced as guest ring announcers for the next match.

The fourth match was one of the two main event matches, a "Loser Gets A Haircut Match", as former WWE star Salvatore Sincere, with his manager Royce Profit, took on the man who has had (and won) more Haircut Matches than anyone, former WWE star Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake. With Beefcake holding his trademark hedge-clipper-sized scissors, Salvatore was reluctant to get in the ring, denying that he was chicken (as "The Chicken Dance" played over the P.A.). Salvatore finally got in the ring, but attacked Beefcake when his back was turned, and he and Profit tried to double-team him. But Beefcake leveled both of them with a clothesline and took over on Salvatore. Sal retreated to the outside, and with Profit distracting Beefcake, Sal crawled under the ring to the other side, and tried to sneak in with a Wet Floor sign to level Beefcake. But the veteran Beefcake knew that trick too, knocked Salvatore down in the corner, and hit him with the sign instead. Salvatore and Beefcake locked up in a test of strength, and Sal manipulated them both into a corner, and as the referee tried to separate them, Sal grabbed Beefcake's hedge-clippers and hit him with them. Sal pummeled Beefcake for the next few minutes, with Profit getting in some outside shots. But Beefcake powered out and locked Sal in his sleeper hold finisher. Profit jumped into the ring and tried to break up the sleeper by hitting Beefcake with his golf club, but the blow only got Beefcake angry at Profit (as well as got Sal disqualified as it was in full view of the referee).
Winner (by disqualification): Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake

Beefcake dropped the semi-conscious Sal in the corner and locked Profit in the sleeper hold until he was unconscious on the mat, then seized his hedge-clipper scissors and cut several handfuls of hair from Profit's head, to the delight of the crowd (and the horror of Profit when he awoke).

It was time for the Main Event, a No-Time-Limit Hardcore Tag-Team Match, as "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & former ECW & WCW star Julio Dinero, with the lovely Miss Michelle, took on local favorite Jeff "Cannonball" Guerrero & former ECW hardcore icon "The Innovator of Violence" Tommy Dreamer. The two big men Demanto and Cannonball started off the match trying to out-power each other, and Cannonball ended up getting the better of that exchange. The former ECW stable-mates Dreamer and Dinero then locked up, and Dreamer and Cannonball dominated Dinero, until a clothesline from the outside from Demanto broke up Dreamer's momentum. Demanto and Dinero went to work on Dreamer, also keeping Cannonball at bay. After Dinero leveled Dreamer with a vicious flying lariat, Demanto went to the top to deliver a moonsault, but missed. Cannonball tagged in and cleaned house on both Demanto and Dinero. He flattened Demanto in the corner with his patented Cannonball Roll, but Dinero broke up the pin attempt. Dreamer threw Dinero out of the ring, and the two forner ECW'ers battled all over the arena, tossing chairs and garbage cans at each other and tossing each other into tables and walls. Long-time rivals Demanto and Cannonball also took their fight to the outside, also using chairs and other assorted objects. Dreamer and Cannonball then went to the back and brought a large wooden door into the ring, and Cannonball propped it into the corner. As Dreamer and Dinero battled more on the outside, Cannonball and Demanto tried to smash each other into the door, and Cannonball won that battle as he speared Demanto through the door. Before he could pin Demanto, Dinero jumped into the ring and leveled Cannonball with an enziguri kick. Dreamer took down Dinero with an Attitude Adjuster-style overhead slam, but Miss Michelle pulled Dinero's foot onto the ropes to stop the pin count. Dreamer chased Miss Michelle into the ring and seized her, but before he could do anything to her, Dinero blasted Dreamer in the face with a handful of powder. As the blinded Dreamer stumbled around the ring, Dinero shoved Cannonball into Dreamer, and the blinded Dreamer thought he was Demanto and took him down with his DDT finisher. Demanto covered Cannonball and the referee counted the 1-2-3 pin.
Winners: "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & Julio Dinero

Demanto took the microphone and laughed at getting the better of Cannonball once again, and using Cannonball's own tag-team partner to do it. Demanto told Cannonball that their business was not over by a long shot. Commissioner Al LiCata actually agreed with Demanto that their business was not over, and said Cannonball and Demanto would meet one-on-one next month in a no-holds-barred match in Manville, NJ, and Demanto replied that he would once again leave him laying flat on the mat.

Dreamer then took the microphone and said that his retribution would come sooner, as he would be in South Amboy, NJ the next night.