NPWS "Edison Fall Family Spectacular"
Lake Papaianni Park, Edison, NJ
September 8, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars made their annual appearance at Edison, NJ's annual Fall Spectacular at Lake Papaianni Park on Saturday September 8th, hosting two free shows for the festival.

For the first show in the afternoon, the threatened thunderstorms held off, and throngs of fans surrounded the ring to cheer on their favorites.

During the break between shows, Honky-Tonk Man posed for pictures in the ring with the fans. The threatened rain and wind storm showed up, driving most of the Festival attendees away. NPWS management, never willing to let themselves be driven out of town by anyone, not even Mother Nature, battened down the hatches and waited out the storm. The heavy rains let up in time to prepare for the second show, although it did rain on and off during the show, and a small but hardy and energetic group of fans surrounded the ring (whom NPWS acknowledged had also been motivated to stay around for the scheduled musical appearance at the Festival of former Monkees singer Mickey Dolenz). The weather was so bad that even the Festival's annual fireworks show was cancelled, but NPWS put on plenty of fireworks of their own.