NPWS at Bolger Middle School Gym, Keansburg, NJ
August 4, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars returned to the popular Bayshore area of New Jersey on Saturday night August 4th for a huge show at Keansburg, NJ's Bolger Middle School Gym. And popular it was indeed, as a huge Saturday night crowd filled the ringside seats and spilled up into the bleachers, and an exciting time was had by all.

The opening contest was a return grudge match, as "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto, with his buddies Corey Havoc and Rampage Rogers in his corner, took on The Atomic Dog. Demanto went for the early attack, but made the mistake of trying to attack Dog's atomically-hard head. As the Dog powered back and pummeled Demanto in the corner, Havoc and Rampage jumped into the ring, threw out the referee, and with Demanto began triple-teaming the Dog, leveling him with Havoc and Rampage's tag-team title belt. The referee called for the bell and threw out the match.
Winner: None (no contest)

The second contest was for the vacated NPWS Jersey Shore Title, as the "Jersey Shore Jock" Mike Dennis, who up until tonight held both the Jersey Shore and Junior Heavyweight Titles, came out and relinquished the Jersey Shore belt. The two contenders were both former holders of that title, The Jersey Kidd and "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans. The two veterans battled back and forth, with neither man holding a clear advantage. Towards the end, Jersey Kidd withstood a flying knee and a running clothesline in the corner from Oceans, leveled Oceans with a clothesline and a spin-kick in the corner, then went to the top rope to finish him off. But as he climbed to the top, Oceans collapsed to the mat holding his knee in pain, claiming it had given out. Being a sportsman, Jersey Kidd climbed back down to the mat and went over to check on Oceans' condition. But it turned out to be a ploy all along, as Mike Dennis snuck into the ring and leveled Jersey Kidd with his title belt, and Oceans miraculously sprang to his feet like nothing was ever wrong with him, and covered the fallen Jersey Kidd for the 1-2-3.
Winner and *NEW* NPWS Jersey Shore Champion: "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans

For the next match, NPWS Bayshore area star Michael Reigns, returning to NPWS after recovering from an injury, was introduced as a special guest enforcer.

The third match was a tag-team contest, as Gavone Brothers member Smith James & The Soul Assassin took on the duo of B.F. Saluka & Kevin Krush, who was also returning to NPWS action after a long absence. Although he was by far the smallest in the ring, Soul Assassin fought valiantly, but his size disadvantage got him in the end. After Saluka and Krush overpowered and tossed out big Smith James, Saluka powerbombed Assassin, and Krush hit him with a flying elbow and covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winners: B.F. Saluka & Kevin Krush

The fourth match was a rematch for the NPWS Heavyweight Title, as the new champion Shock, who was accompanied by Danny Demanto, took on the former champion he had defeated for the belt at the last Bayshore area show, Ray Ray Marz, who was accompanied to the ring by Keansburg Mayor George Hoff. Marz was determined to regain his title and went on the offensive right away, using his quickness to befuddle Shock. But when Shock escaped to the outside and Marz went after him, Demanto leveled Marz, and that gave Shock enough time to recover and turn the tide, and he pummeled Marz for the next several minutes. But when Shock went for his Shockwave finisher, Marz reversed it and slapped a Sharpshooter on Shock (which Demanto helped break up) followed by a flying knee and neckbreaker. Marz then went to the top to finish off Shock, but Demanto created a distraction by threatening George Hoff, and he and Shock attacked him. Marz went to help his cornerman, but was attacked and slammed into the ringpost by Demanto. The referee was counting, but Marz was out cold on the mat and was unable to return to ring, and Shock crawled back in before the ten count.
Winner (by countout) and still NPWS Heavyweight Champion: Shock

Michael Reigns, who had been watching the match from the back, seized the microphone and berated his former rival Shock for the cheap victory, then charged into the ring and leveled Shock with a clothesline and a spinebuster. Commissioner Al Licata, who was already disgusted by all the tainted victories so far tonight, announed that Shock would defend his title against Reigns when NPWS returned to the Bayshore area in early November.

The fifth match of the night was a battle of veteran stars, as Tag-Team Champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc, with Danny Demanto and Rampage Rogers, took on "America Hero" Mr. Stars And Stripes, with Keansburg's New Point Comfort Fire Company Chief Seth Rogan as the special guest referee. The two traded holds back and forth early, then with the help of outside interference, Havoc took control of the match. But after leveling Havoc with a sunset flip, Mr. Stars & Stripes turned the tables and pummeled Havoc. The American Hero leveled Havoc with a double underhook powerbomb, and had him covered for the pin, when Demanto leaped up onto the ring apron, As referee Seth Rogan went to get rid of Demanto, Demanto clocked him, and he and Rampage came into the ring and attacked Mr. Stars & Stripes three-on-one. Security and the referees were unable to break up the attack. The Atomic Dog charged the ring to break up the attack, but he too was overpowered. Then out from the back came the 400 pounds plus of former WWE superstar Big Daddy V, and Demanto and Havoc and Rampage retreated to the outside. Commissioner Al Licata had seen enough and threw out the match.
Winner: None (double disqualification)

Commissioner LiCata was beside himself with all the outside interference, and announced that the main event that night would be a six-man tag-team match, as Danny Demanto and his 2 Rude Dudes buddies Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers, would take on the trio of Mister Stars And Stripes, The Atomic Dog, and Big Daddy V!

During intermission, Big Daddy V remained in the ring and posed for pictures with the fans, and NPWS celebrated a host of birthdays.

The sixth match of the night was another return grudge match of sorts, as NPWS Cruiserweight Champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie defended his title in a triple-threat match against two of NPWS' young rising stars, Chill Will and referee-turned-wrestler Ryan Mills (making his in-ring wrestling debut). The referee for this bout was none other than "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans. To say that Oceans showed favoritism towards his pal Smoothie would be a major understatement, as he allowed Smoothie to break the rules all night, made fast counts for him and slow counts for his opponents. At the start, the two challengers tried pummeling Smoothie, but Smoothie soon threw Chill Will out of the ring, and focused his attack on the debut'ing Ryan Mills. The young Mills was pummeled by Smoothie but, to his credit, would not be pinned for the three-count despite fast counts by referee Oceans. Chill Will tried to return to the ring a few times but was kicked out by Smoothie. After pummeling Mills with an F-5, Smoothie went to the top rope to deliver his Leg Drop Across The Delaware finisher, but Chill Will climbed onto the ring apron and shook the ropes, causing Smoothie to lose his balance and spike himself. Chill Will  leveled Smoothie with clotheslines and a neckbreaker, but Smoothie kicked out of a *very* slow count by referee Oceans. As Chill Will argued with Oceans, Smoothie seized him and went for a Pedigree, but Chill Will escaped and hit Smoothie with another neckbreaker, then Ryan Mills leveled Smoothie with a Spear. Mills covered Smoothie, but Oceans stopped the pin count at two and claimed he had pulled a muscle in his shoulder. As Mills protested being cheated out of the pin, Oceans leveled him with a superkick and then leveled Chill Will with a backbreaker slam. Oceans then dragged Smoothie on top of Chill Will and Mills and made a show of counting the 1-2-3 pin for Smoothie.
Winner and still NPWS Cruiserweight Champion: "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie

After all the tainted matches earlier this evening, Commissioner LiCata was steaming mad at this outcome, and he immediately threw out the victory for Smoothie, and announced that at the next Bayshore area show in November, Smoothie and Oceans would wrestle together in a tag-team match against Chill Will and Ryan Mills.

The seventh match was a non-title match as NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "Jersey Shore Jock" Mike Dennis took on Eddie "Spaghetti" Franken. Despite the experience advantage by Dennis, Franken battled hard in a fast-paced match and kept Dennis from gaining a clear advantage. Towards the end, Eddie battled out of a full-nelson submission and leveled Dennis with clotheslines. But when Eddie went to the top rope, Dennis kicked the referee into the ropes, causing Eddie to lose his balance and fall. Dennis then leveled Eddie with a devastating vertical suplex and an F-5, and covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winner: "Jersey Shore Jock" Mike Dennis

It was time for the main event, as "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & NPWS Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corruped" Corey Havoc & Rampage Rogers) took on the trio of "American Hero" Mr. Stars And Stripes & The Atomic Dog & former WWE superstar Big Daddy V, who had Keansburg Mayor George Hoff in their corner. Rampage and Stars & Stripes traded holds early on, then Big Daddy V tagged in and easily out-powered all three opponents, including Demanto who was brave (and foolish) enough to try a test of strength against the big man. Stars & Stripes tagged back in, and Havoc & Rampage & Demanto tried triple-teaming him, but with little success. Atomic Dog tagged in, and was double-teamed by Havoc and Rampage, but when Demanto tagged in and went up top for a moonsault, Atomic Dog moved out of the way and tagged in Big Daddy V, who cleaned house on all three opponents. Big Daddy V bodyslammed Havoc and Rampage and pummeled them and Demanto with a triple-tackle, hitting them so hard that they fell all the way across the ring and took out referee Jimmy Storm along with them. Big Daddy V then flattened Havoc & Rampage & Demanto with a huge splash on all three, as Mayor George Hoff Fire went to the back and got Fire Chief Seth Rogan, who ran into the ring wearing a referee shirt and counted the 1-2-3 pin.
Winners: "American Hero" Mr. Stars And Stripes & The Atomic Dog & Big Daddy V