NPWS "Summer BrawelFest"
Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall
July 14, 2012

Saturday night July 14th, NPWS returned to the Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall, and a near-capacity cheering crowd turned out to see all the action.

The opening contest was a grudge match between two big men of NPWS, as "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto went one-on-one with The Atomic Dog, with "American Hero" Mister Stars & Stripes as the special guest referee. As expected, Demanto immediately took offense at the choice of referee, but the contract had been signed, so the match was on. Demanto low-kicked Dog early on and dominated him early, but Dog battled back and the two men went back and forth. In the end, Demanto hit an RKO on Dog, but only got a two-count. A furious Demanto accused Mr. Stars & Stripes of favoritism and shoved him, and Mr. Stars & Stripes responded by chokeslamming Demanto, rolling Dog on top of him, and counting the 1-2-3.
Winner: The Atomic Dog

The second bout was a tag-team match and another grudge match of sorts, as The M&M Boys (Mark Modest & Mike Matixx) took on Bobby Youngblood & Chris "Boom Boom" Powers (filling in for Youngblood's partner A.C. Kewl). It was an even match, until Modest and Matixx trapped Youngblood in the corner and hit him with a double superkick, then in the style of the Ultimate Warrior, Modest gorilla-pressed Youngblood and hit him with a running splash and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winners: The M&M Boys

The third bout was a bonus bout added to the show. Out first came NPWS newcomer "The Salsa King" Dionet Vaton. He claimed not only to be the best wrestler around, but the best dancer, and he issued an open challenge to anyone who could dance and wrestled. Then familiar music hit and out walked, from neighboring Seaside Heights, TNA/Impact Wrestling Star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E.! Vaton seemed unfazed, and opened up the dance challenge by doing some Salsa moves of his own to his music. Robbie was not sure what to make of it, but danced up a storm to his Jersey Shore music, and ended with some fist-pumping... right into Vaton's face, and the wrestling match was on. Vaton held his own against the veteran Robbie, and even hit his neckbreaker finisher, but only got a two count, then went for a diving axe-handle on Robbie, but Robbie caught him with a kick to the gut as he flewin, then took him down with The Shore Thing and got the 1-2-3.
Winner: "Jersey Shore" Robbie E.

The fourth bout was another tag-team attraction as "The Final Freebird" Damien Darling & "Mr. Varsity" Jeff Noyze, with the sultry Savannah in their corner, took on the popular Jersey Shore duo of Ray Ray Marz & Slayer, who were managed by "Big 80's" Donnie V.Slayer's unpredictable style befuddled Damien and Noyze early on, until double-teaming enabled them to dominate Slayer. Slayer withstood the assault and tagged in Marz, and all four men battled in the ring. Then Slayer and Noyze took their fight to the outside, and Damien leveled Marz, then pulled Donnie V. into the ring. Savannah came in as well, and Damien held Donnie for her to slap, but Donnie ducked and Savannah's slap hit Damien instead. Marz hit the stunned Damien with a roundhouse knee and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winners: Ray Ray Marz & Slayer

The victory celebration was short-lived, as Danny Demanto & Corey Havoc charged into the ring and joined Jeff Noyze in attacking Marz and Slayer. Atomic Dog ran down to even the odds, but was neutralized by Demanto and Havoc. Then "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo charged into the ring, and Demanto and his cohorts beat a hasty retreat to the outside. Savannah was still furious at the outcome and demanded a rematch, challenging Marz and Slayer and manager Donnie V. to a six-man tag-team match against Damien and Noyze and Corey Havoc when NPWS returns to Brick, NJ in early October. Commissioner Al LiCataagreed to the match.

As Intermission began, a surprise guest was introduced... former ECW hardcore icon John "Balls" Mahoney, returning to NPWS after a long absence. Balls promised he would be at NPWS' tribute to his best friend, the Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Tournament, scheduled for mid-August in Belleville, NJ. Balls signed autographs and greeted the fans, as Robbie E. posed for pictures in the ring with the fans, and NPWS celebrated birthdays.

After intermission, the fifth bout was the much-anticipated "Last Man Standing" grudge match for the NPWS Hardcore Title, as champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc, with Savannah and Danny Demanto in his corner, defended the title against "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo, with manager "Big 80's" Donnie V. in his corner. Both men were armed to the teeth, and the weapons came out almost immediately... kendo sticks, trash can lids, and metal trays, as the two battled inside and outside the ring. At one point Havoc pulled out a cheese grater and used it to bust Ringo's forehead wide open. Despite the cut and a DDT onto a metal tray, Ringo was able to answer the ten-count. Havoc went for a flying axe-handle on Ringo, but Ringo stopped him and superplexed Havoc instead. The two traded punches, and Rngo got the better of that exchange, and lifted Havoc up for a huge F-5, which knocked the wind out of both men, but they both were able to answer the ten-count. Ringo then pulled out a bag of thumb tacks and dumped them onto the mat, but before he could do anything else, Demanto came in and clocked Ringo with a kendo stick. Demanto then held Ringo as Savannah jumped onto the ring apron with a handful of powder, but as she threw it Ringo ducked, and Demanto was blasted in the face with the powder. But that was a long enough distraction for Havoc to recover from the F-5, and he speared Ringo right onto the pile of thumb tacks. Meanwhile, Demanto was staggering around the ring still blinded by the powder charge, when he bumped into a wrestler, and thinking it was Ringo he hit an RKO on him... except that it was Havoc he RKO'd! Both Havoc and Ringo were down, and the referee began a ten-count on both of them. Both Ringo and Havoc struggled to get to their feet, but Havoc collapsed at the last second and Ringo was able to make it to his feet before the referee reached ten, and was awarded the victory.
Winner and *NEW* NPWS Hardcore Champion: "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo

The celebration was viciously cut short as Demanto came into the ring and leveled Ringo with a pair of chair shots, and a low blow by Savannah for good measure. Demanto challenged the semi-conscious Ringo to defend his new Hardcore Championship against him in Brick in October. Commissioner LiCata was disgusted by Demanto's attack but agreed to the match, and Ringo promised he would take Demanto out for good when they met.

The sixth match was a three-way match for the NPWS Cruiserweight Championship, as champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie, with his valet Michelle D., defended his title against challengers Strife and Corrupted Youth. Smoothie insulted both his challengers early on, and they responded by throwing him out of the ring then wrestling each other. Smoothie eventually recovered, pulled Corrupted Youth out of the ring and smacked him into the ringpost, then went after Strife, but could not put him away. Corrupted Youth returned to the ring, and Smoothie was again ejected. But neither man could put the other away, and when Smoothie finally returned to the ring again, they both took him down, but each time Strife or Corrupted Youth tried to pin Smoothie, the other would pull him off. The two eventually started fighting each other, and their brawl spilled to the outside, where they were both counted out.
Winner (by countout) and still NPWS Cruiserweight Champion: "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie

Corrupted Youth and Strife continued brawling after the decision, forcing the Security staff to separate them. Commissioner LiCata noted that the two obviously had issues to settle, and announced they would have a one-on-one match in Brick in October.

The final match of the evening was a rematch for the NPWS Six-Man Tag-Team Championship, as the champions and trio of tributes to former WWE/WCW stars Mor-Ta-Da & Goal-Duh & The Famous Wrestling Clown took on The Nigerian Nightmares. But as The Nightmares were introduced, only La-Fu and Ba-Bu came out, with Ma-Fu nowhere to be found. La-Fu informed the ring announcer (in Nigerian) that Ma-Fu was not there, but they had found a replacement partner, none other than the returning former ECW hardcore icon himself, John "Balls" Mahoney! The match was on, and The Clown tried to pull some antics on Balls early, but Balls wasn't falling for it and he and the Nightmares worked over The Clown for the first few minutes. But The Clown tagged in Goal-Duh, then Mor-Ta-Da, and they turned the tables and dominated Ba-Bu. Ba-Bu withstood the assault, kicked off Mor-Ta-Da, then tagged in Balls who took down Mor-Ta-Da. Mor-Ta-Da looked to tag out to his partners, but The Clown and Goal-Duh apparently had had enough of Mor-Ta-Da's over-seriousness, and instead of tagging in they tagged him with kicks and elbows, then threw him right towards the big La-Fu, who took Mor-Ta-Da down with a huge spinning kick, then covered him for the 1-2-3!
Winners and *NEW* NPWS Six-Man Tag-Team Champions: Nigerian Nightmares La-Fu & Ba-Bu and John "Balls" Mahoney

The new champions celebrated by leading the fans in a Nigerian Conga Line dance around the ring as the show closed.