NPWS At Barnegat High School Gym, Barnegat, NJ
June 2, 2012

NPWS closed out its double-shot weekend, and the Spring 2012 season, with a return to the Jersey Shore, and its first ever show at the Barnegat, NJ High School Gym. The Ocean County fans showed their love for NPWS by filling up all the ringside floor seats and spilling into the bleachers, as they cheered on their favorites.

Before the show, the fans got autographs and posed for pictures with former WWE & TNA TV superstar Matt Hardy. In addition, former WWE Women's Champion & Women's Tag-Team Champion and WrestleMania I star Lailani Kai was on hand to greet the fans, and there was even an unannounced surprise appearance by TNA star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E.

The opening contest was a special bout featuring students from Lailani Kai's wrestling school, as Shawn Stasiak took on Ben Rite. It was a hard-hitting affair, but in the end, Rite took Stasiak down with a Russian Leg Sweep-Neckbreaker combination and got the 1-2-3.
Winner: Ben Rite

The next contest was a tag-team affair as the masked duo of luchador Manuel Manny Moore & The Soul Assassin took on the popular duo of former NPWS Tag-Team Champion "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo & former NPWS Heavyweight Champion Ray Ray Marz, who had Mariners Masons member Big Poppa Pete as their special guest manager. Ringo initially out-powered both opponents, but Marz was double-teamed by Manny and Assassin, who held Marz in their corner for several minutes. Marz eventually took down Manny with a flying leg whip and tagged in Ringo who cleaned house on both opponents. Ringo tried to pin Assassin with a powerslam, but Manny broke it up and kicked Ringo out of the ring. Manny then tried to pull Big Poppa Pete onto the ring apron and take him out too, but Pete blocked the punch and ended up giving Manny a right to the jaw. The stunned Manny staggered right into Ringo's arms, and he and Marz took down Manny and Assassin with simultaneous RKO's, and covered the for the simultaneous 1-2-3's.
Winners: "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo & Ray Ray Marz

The third match was another tag-team attraction as The M&M Boys (Mark Modest & Mike Matixx), managed by Captain Johnny Kool, took on rising star Eddie "Spaghetti" Franken & Jersey Shore lunatic Slayer. Slayer's unorthodox style and Eddie's speed kept Modest and Matixx at the disadvantage early on, but they eventually were able to double-team the rookie Eddie early on and hold him in their corner for several minutes, until Eddie reversed a powerslam attempt into a Tornado DDT and tagged in Slayer. Slayer took down Modest, threw him out of the ring, and then he and Eddie took down Matixx. Slayer leaped off the top rope to the outside and leveled Modest, but was then attacked by Johnny Kool on the outside. Back in the ring, Modest and Matixx took out Eddie with a double superkick in the corner, then Modest hit a flying headbutt on Eddie and pinned him 1-2-3.
Winners: The M&M Boys

The next match was a grudge match from the previous night's show, as former NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans, with Captain Johnny Kool and Danny Demanto in his corner, took on Justin Cage, who was managed by Big Poppa Pete. Cage ran straight into the ring and went right after Oceans, and the two brawled furiously, until Cage went to spring himself off the ropes, and Demanto pulled them down, sending him tumbling to the floor. Demanto and Kool attacked Cage on the outside, then threw him back into the ring and attacked him in the ring as well. The referee immediately called for the bell and disqualified Oceans.
Winner (by disqualification): Justin Cage

Oceans and Demanto continued their three-on-one attack on Cage after the bell, and tossed out the members of the Security Crew who tried to get them out of the ring. Then Big Poppa Pete came out from the back with former WWE & TNA superstar Matt Hardy, who charged into the ring, and Oceans and Demanto and Kool retreated to the floor. Demanto was furious at Hardy's interference. Hardy said that between last night and tonight, he had had enough of Demanto and Oceans, and instead of the originally scheduled one-on-one match between him and Demanto, he offered to team with Justin Cage in a tag-team match against both of them. The fans cheered in excitement, and Commissioner Al LiCata was only too happy to make the match.

NPWS took a short intermission, and Matt Hardy stayed in the ring and posed for pictures with the fans and signed autographs.

The fifth bout was a non-title Hardcore Tag-Team bout, as NPWS Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Rampage" Rogers & NPWS Hardcore Champion "Corrupted" Corey Havoc) took on two popular local stars making their return to NPWS after a long absence, The Green Dragon & one-time ECW brawler The Equalizer. Having no desire to have a hardcore brawl with Green Dragon & Equalizer, Rogers challenged Green Dragon to an amateur-style exchange of holds, which Green Dragon prevailed on, and then Equalizer, who broke out of the hold and stomped Rogers out of the ring. Havoc then took up the amateur challenge against Equalizer and crouched down in the ring in starting position, but Equalizer had other ideas, and clocked Havoc with a chair instead. A furious Havoc and Rogers tossed Equalizer and Green Dragon out of the ring. Equalizer ran to the back and returned with a garbage can full of assorted weapons and items, and the hardcore brawl was indeed on. Rogers and Green Dragon fought to the outside and all over the gym, slamming each other into walls and tables, and even taking their fight to the outside briefly. Meanwhile back in the ring, Havoc and Equalizer were hitting each other with everything but the kitchen sink (they would no doubt have used a kitchen sink had one been there). Havoc clocked Equalizer with a baseball bat and a trash can lid, and DDT'd him onto the trash can lid, busting him open. Havoc continued to attack Equalizer until Equalizer connected with a wooden stick to Havoc's nether regions and began beating on him with the trash can lid and other assorted items. Green Dragon continued his attack on Rogers on the outside with the aforementioned baseball bat, as Equalizer paid tribute to ultimate hardcore action by emptying a bag full of thumb tacks onto the mat. But Hardcore Champion Havoc had the last word on that one, as he kicked Equalizer and powerslammed him right onto the pile of thumb tacks. But even that was not enough to pin Equalizer, who angrily seized Havoc and powerslammed him right onto the trash can itself, then dropped a huge elbow on him and held him down for the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Green Dragon & The Equalizer

The next bout was an NPWS Cruiserweight Title Match, as champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie defended his title against former NPWS Jersey Shore Champion The Jersey Kidd. As the two of them locked up, familiar music started playing and out walked TNA star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E. Despite his initial intention to only sign autographs this night, being a veteran of NPWS cruiserweight matches from years back, Robbie was just too itching to get back in the ring and wanted to join the match and make it a triple-threat affair. Despite Smoothie's protests, Commissioner Al LiCata approved and the three-way match was on. Smoothie looked to embarrass Robbie right away and challenged him to a "fist-pumping" challenge. Smoothie went first, and neither the crowd nor Robbie were impressed. Then Robbie and Jersey Kidd took their turn, and pumped their fists... right into Smoothie's face, and threw him out of the ring. Robbie and The Kidd then exchanged holds one on one until Smoothie returned to the ring and leveled them both. Smoothie threw The Kidd out and went after Robbie, until The Kidd pulled Robbie out of the ring and went after Smoothie. Smoothie dominated The Kidd and hit a flying Leg Drop Across The Delaware on him, but Robbie returned to the ring long enough to distract Smoothie from the pinfall. Smoothie placed The Kidd on the turnbuckle and prepared to take him down with a back superplex, but Robbie snuck in and tossed them both off the turnbuckle with a Tower Of Doom powerbomb! Robbie went on a tear against Smoothie and The Kidd. Smoothie stopped Robbie's momentum with a low blow and went for a T-Bone Suplex on The Kidd, but The Kidd shoved Smoothie off. Robbie then took The Kidd down with a Cutter, but Smoothie snuck up from behind and rolled up Robbie with a schoolboy and a handful of tights and got the 1-2-3.
Winner and still NPWS Cruiserweight Champion: "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie

It was time for the Main Event, the tag-team grudge match signed earlier in the evening, as the duo of former NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans & "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto, with Captain Johnny Kool, took on Justin Cage & former WWE and TNA superstar Matt Hardy, with Big Poppa Pete. Demanto and Oceans could not deal with the crowd cheering Hardy & Cage and boo'ing them and threatened to walk out on the match, until Commissioner Al LiCata threatened to dock their pay for the night and they hastily changed their minds. The match finally began, and Hardy and Cage out-wrestled their opponents early on, despite Demanto's & Oceans' attempts to double-team them. Demanto and Oceans were able to eventually isolate Hardy in their corner, but Hardy fought out of it and tagged in Cage, who cleaned house on both opponents until Demanto tripped him off the top turnbuckle. Demanto and Oceans double-teamed Cage for a few minutes, until Cage reversed a powerslam attempt and took down Demanto and locked an armbar submission hold on him. Demanto powered out of it and back-suplexed Cage, but then he went to the top rope for a moonsault, and Cage rolled out of the way and tagged in Hardy. Hardy cleaned house on both opponents and took down Demanto with a Twist Of Fate, but Oceans broke up the pin attempt. Cage clotheslined Oceans out of the ring, and Hardy went for another Twist Of Fate on Demanto, but Demanto shoved Hardy off and into Referee Jimmy Storm, who was knocked out. Hardy hit his Twist Of Fate again on Demanto, but Referee Storm was still out. Referee S.P. Anderson ran down to the ring to make the count, but by then Demanto had gotten his foot on the ropes. Demanto and Hardy took their fight to the outside where Hardy continued to dominate Demanto. As Hardy rolled Demanto back into the ring to go for another cover, Johnny Kool clocked Referee Anderson with a Wet Floor sign, knocking him out too. Referee Mike Jones came out to take over as referee, but Johnny Kool threw a handful of powder in his face, blinding him and taking him out of the game as well. With no referee, Demanto tried to take down Hardy, until Big Poppa Pete ran out from the back wearing a temporary referee shirt. Hardy took advantage of the distraction and hit yet another Twist Of Fate on Demanto, and held him down as Big Poppa Pete counted the 1-2-3.
Winners: Matt Hardy & Justin Cage

Hardy and Cage and Big Poppa Pete celebrated the victory and saluted the crowd Matt Hardy-style as the show closed.