NPWS At Brick, NJ Elks Lodge
April 28, 2012

National Pro Wrestling Superstars completed their double-shot weekend on Saturday night April 28th at their favorite Jersey Shore venue, the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge. Unlike Friday night, the Jersey Shore fans came out in droves, making for a near-capacity crowd of cheering fans.

Before the show, former WWE stars Fit Finlay and Little Boogeyman signed autographs and posed for pictures with the fans.

The show opened with a tribute to former ECW & WWE & TNA star Chris Candido, as this night was the seventh anniversary of his tragic passing. Candido had been a regular headliner with NPWS in the years before his passing. The entire audience stood for a moment of silence as a ceremonial ten-bell salute was sounded.

The first matchup was, appropriately, a qualifying match for the 2012 Chris Candido Memorial J-Cup Tournament between The Funky White Boy and NPWS Cruiserweight Champion "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie. The two men had battled countless times in NPWS' Delaware affiliate FWF, and knew each other well, which made for a fast-paced high-flying affair that neither man could hold the advantage. Towards the end, Smoothie hit a double-underhook bulldog from the top rope on Funky, but could not hold him down for the three-count, and Funky recovered and hit a T-Bone suplex on Smoothie, but before the referee could reach the three-count the bell rang and the time limit expired. The two rivals slapped hands in a brief show of sportsmanship to honor Candido's memory.
Winner: None (time-limit draw)

The second matchup was a three-on-one Handicap Match, as the trio of Kidd Kyle Kutz & Strife (making his NPWS debut) & the veteran Judas Young took on veteran big man Goal-Duh, accompanied to the ring by manager "Big 80's" Donnie V. and (of course) Cartman. The wily Judas, faced with fighting a man twice his size, did what any veteran heel would do... he ordered his partners Kutz and Strife to go after Goal-Duh first, which they did and had no success, either as individuals or together. After Goal-Duh had flattened Strife twice with powerslams, Kutz distracted Goal-Duh from the outside, and Judas finally saw his opportunity to attack Goal-Duh from behind. The veteran Judas used his speed to actually keep the big man wobbling for a few minutes, even getting some near-falls. Judas and both of his partners triple-teamed Goal-Duh but still could not put him away. Goal-Duh eventually overpowered his opponents, and a pair of vertical splashes on Judas were enough to hold him down for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Goal-Duh

The third matchup was a Big Man Battle signed at NPWS' last Ocean County show, as "Mr. Varisty" Jeff Noyze, with Danny Demanto & Nicky Oceans in his corner, took on the popular Atomic Dog. After swinging his chains enough to keep Oceans and Demanto at bay, Atomic Dog locked up with Noyze and the two big men matched up power-for-power, brawling both inside and outside the ring. Towards the end, Dog had Noyze down in the corner after some huge kicks and a rolling avalanche, and was readying him for a powerslam finisher, when Oceans jumped up on the ring to distract the referee, and Demanto snuck into the ring and clipped Dog's knee with it. Noyze and Demanto double-powerbombed Dog, then Noyze covered him as the referee turned around and saw the cover and counted 1-2-3.
Winner: "Mr. Varisty" Jeff Noyze

Acting Commissioner Al LiCata had seen enough, and announced that at NPWS' next Ocean County show in Island Heights in July, Demanto and Atomic Dog would battle one-on-one.

The fourth contest was a huge six-man tag-team match also signed at the last Ocean County show, as NPWS Tag-Team Champions The Two Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers) and their partner Richard Michaels, took on the trio of NPWS Heavyweight Champion Ray Ray Marz & Jersey Shore lunatic Slayer (with his new manager "Big 80's" Donnie V.) & their partner Fast Eddie Franken. Danny Demanto and Nicky Oceans came out to back up Havoc & Rampage & Michaels, but Commisioner LiCata announced they were not contracted to be there, and ordered them back to the locker room. Both teams fought a back-and-forth battle all over the place, neither team dominating. Towards the end, Slayer and Marz were fighting Havoc and Rampage outside the ring, and Eddie and Michaels were fighting one-on-one inside the ring. Eddie threw Michaels outside the ring, took him out with a plancha dive, then returned to the ring to stand in triumph all alone. As the referee was distracted by the melee on the outside, Demanto and Oceans snuck back into the ring, flattened Eddie with a doube-team F-5, and pulled Michaels back into the ring on top of him. They then pointed the referee's attention back towards the ring, and he saw the cover and made the 1-2-3.
Winners: The Two Rude Dudes & Richard Michaels

As The Dudes and Michaels left the ring celebrating, Demanto seized the microphone and said "We're just getting started... hit that music I gave you!" A familiar eerie tune started playing over the P.A., and through a side door came Queen Jamima and The Nigerian Nightmares Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu, returning to NPWS after a six-month absence! Queen Jamima took out Referee Jimmy Storm with a low kick, and Ma-Fu and Sna-Fu attacked and crushed Slayer and Marz and Eddie. The Security staff entered the ring to try and subdue The Nightmares, but were tossed out as well. Then from out of the back came former WWE stars Fit Finlay and Little Boogeyman, and it appeared that The Nightmares had a secret fear of worms, as they retreated to the floor and refused to come anywhere near Little Boogeyman or any of the worms that had scattered around the ring and floor. As The Nightmares and Queen Jamima left out the same side door, it was announced that at the next Ocean County show in Island Heights, all three Nigerian Nightmares (Ma-Fu & Sna-Fu & La-Fu) would take on the trio of Goal-Duh & Mor-Ta-Da & The World Famous Wrestling Clown for the newly-created NPWS Six-Man Tag-Team Championship.

During intermission, Fit Finlay and Little Boogeyman posed for pictures in the ring with the fans.

After intermission, the fifth match was yet another grudge match signed at the last Ocean County show, a tag-team match for the number-one NPWS Tag-Team Title contenders, as former champions "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo & Rocco Dorsey took on the team who cost them the titles at the aforementioned show, Mark Modest & Mike Matixx. Ringo dominated with his trength early on, but Modest & Matixx used double-teaming tactics to isolate Ringo in their corner for several minutes. But Ringo survived the onslaught, and after rolling out of the way of a flying splash he tagged in Rocco who cleaned house. As all four men were battling, Ringo powerbombed Matixx and went for the victory, but Modest hit a leg drop from the top rope to break it up. Rocco dragged Modest out of the ring and started beating him up there. As Ringo went for another cover on Matixx, Corey Havoc snuck into the ring and leveled Ringo with his NPWS Hardcore Title belt, and dragged Matixx on top of him. The referee, who was distracted by the fight on the outside, turned around and saw the cover and counted 1-2-3.
Winners: Mark Modest & Mike Matixx

After the match, Ringo took the microphone and said that Havoc hasn't defended the Hardcore Title belt in a long time, and challenged him to a Hardcore Title Match in Island Heights in June. Havoc intially refused, but Commissioner LiCata ordered that the match take place, and suggested a stipulation that the opponents be handcuffed together. Ringo countered with an even better suggestion... a Last Man Standing Match!

The sixth match was yet another grudge match, as former tag-team partners Bobby Youngblood and A.C. Kewl looked to settle their differences in a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match. The two men launched right into their fight without any pre-match fanfare, and battled furiously in the ring before the fight inevitably spilled to the outside floor. The two brawled all along the floor, taking their fight to the merchandise tables, and even a janitorial closet, and hitting each other with any object not nailed down. After several minutes and messes around the floor, the fight finally returned to the ring, where Kewl and Youngblood hit each other with simulatneous clotheslines, and fell to the mat each with an arm covering the other. Following his instincts, referee Mike Jones counted both covers at the same time 1-2-3, and ruled the match a double-loss.
Winners: None (simultaneous pins)

After the match, Kewl and Youngblood shook hands in a show of mutual respect and then hugged. The reunion celebration was short-lived, as Mark Modest and Mike Matixx ran into the ring and attacked both Kewl and Youngblood and threw them out of the ring. As Modest and Matixx stood in the ring in smug triumph, Commissioner Al LiCata announced yet another match for the July show in Island Heights, as Modest and Matixx would take on the reunited team of Kewl and Youngblood in a "Heel vs. Heel" tag-team match.

It was time for the main event, a tag-team grudge match, as "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto & NPWS Junior Heavyweight Champion "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans took on the duo of former WWE stars Fit Finlay & The Little Boogeyman. Demanto's phobia of worms was still very much real, as it took him a long time before he was willing to enter the ring and start the match. Finly used his unpredictable style and brawling to befuddle Demanto and Oceans early on. Finlay was briefly caught in his opponents' corner and double-teamed, but Little Boogeyman came into the ring and helped turn the tables, until Demanto's kick to Little Boogeyman's head gave him the advantage. Demanto slapped a Camel Clutch on Little Boogeyman, but the midget superstar broke the hold by biting Demanto's hand. Demanto and Oceans continued to double-team Little Boogeyman, until Oceans missed a moonsault and Finlay was able to tag in. Finlay cleaned house on both opponents and threw them into the corner. Little Boogeyman took down Demanto and Oceans with head butts to their "nether regions", and Finlay and Little Boogeyman hit simultaneous vertical splashes on Demanto and Oceans and covered them for the 1-2-3.
Winners: Fit Finlay & Little Boogeyman