FWF at Brick, NJ Elks Lodge
October 5, 2013

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returned to the Jersey Shore on Saturday night October 5th for the second of a two-show weekend kicking off their Fall 2013 tour, at the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge. A sellout (and yes, we do mean *SELLOUT*) crowd packed the hall, and even with the extra chairs set up by the FWF crew, it was standing-room-only for the hundreds of fans who came out to cheer on the action.

Before the show, the fans got autographs and pictures with former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash.

In the opening contest, a return grudge match from the last Ocean County show, FWF Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers), with manager Savannah, defended their titles against challengers Right To Party (Nicky Oceans & Mike Dennis). Oceans and Dennis once again held their own against the champs, and after Oceans hit his Boom Boom Pow finisher on Rampage, it looked like new champs would be crowned. But Savannah threw Havoc's megaphone at Oceans, who caught it in his hands, and the referee turned around and saw Rampage laying down on the mat and Oceans holding the megaphone, and assumed Oceans had used it on Rampage and disqualified him and Dennis.
WINNERS (by disqualification) AND STILL FWF TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS: The 2 Rude Dudes.

Commissioner Al LiCata saw the true events unfold, and announced that there would be a rematch this coming Friday in Union, NJ.

The second match was a Triple-Threat Match between "Stylin'" Brandon Kirk (with manager Gigalo Joe Jones), Kyle "The Beast" Winant, and "Retro Rocker" Rikki Roxx. Kirk and The Beast initially tried to take out Roxx together, but it soon disintegrated into a three way battle, the end of which saw Kirk back-suplex Roxx off the top turnbuckle, and then The Beast hit Kirk with a flying splash and pinned him.
WINNER: Kyle "The Beast" Winant

The third match was a "Choke-Slam Challenge" as T.N.T took on both "The Warrior" Jack Spade & Corrupted Youth. Spade and Youth put up a valiant effort to try and overpower T.N.T, but the big man would not stay down, and their attempt to double-chokeslam T.N.T turned into a double chokeslam by T.N.T on both opponents for the victory.

The fourth match was another Triple-Threat Match between "Ice-Fire" Steve Zapf, Jersey Shore lunatic Slayer, and FWF newcomer The Wicked Warrior. Warrior and Zapf tried to double-team Slayer, but ended up fighting each other, which allowed Slayer's unpredictable style to emerge, and after ducking an avalanche attempt by Warrior, Slayer hit an Acid Drop Bulldog on Zapf and pinned him.
WINNER: Slayer

The fifth match was an FWF Heavyweight Title Match eagerly awaited by the fans, as "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo took on champion Atomic Dog. The two big men pounded on each other from the start, with Dog's experience and strength edge taking over and dominating the match. But after Dog missed a flying splash, Ringo took over, and after hitting a flatliner on Dog had him covered for the pin. Then out of nowhere, Joey Janella ran to the ring apron and grabbed Dog's chain, looking to distract Ringo from winning the match. Ringo and Janella both tried to take the chain, but then it flew out of both their hands and hit Dog square in the head, knocking him out. A stunned but still opportunistic Ringo covered Dog as Janella screamed in frustration, and the referee counted 1-2-3 and raised Ringo's hand as the new champion!

Then out of the back came former FWF Head Referee Mike "I'm Always Right" Jones. Jones was still listed as an active head official in FWF, and he was shocked and ashamed by what took place, and invoked his right as an active FWF official to reverse the outcome of the match, and took the belt from Ringo and awarded the match and the belt back to Atomic Dog.
WINNER (by disqualification on official reversal) AND STILL FWF HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION: The Atomic Dog

An enraged Joey Janella attacked Mike Jones after the match.

During intermission, the fans posed for pictures and signed autographs for the fans, and FWF celebrated a fan birthday.

The sixth match had Damian Darling, with manager Savannah and his pet chihuahua Chico, taking on Ray Ray Marz who was returning to action after an injury. Marz appeared to have lost none of his step, but the crafty Darling interrupted Marz's momentum by hitting him with a loaded elbow pad (supplied by Savannah) and locking Marz into a swinging double-armbar submission hold, to which Marz had no choice but to give up.
WINNER (by submission): Damien Darling

The seventh match was a tag-team match as The American Muscle Sharks (Marke Modest & Mike Matixx) took on the duo of "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm & Jeff "Cannonball" Guerrero. Cannonball's power and Fehrm's speed were too much even for Modest and Matixx, as Modest fell victim to Cannonball Rolls by both Fehrm and Cannonball and then pinned.
WINNERS: "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm & Jeff "Cannonball" Guerrero

The eight match was an FWF Cruiserweight Title rematch from the previous night in Delaware, as champion Fast Eddie took on number-one challenger Lightning Bolt Johnson. The two evenly-matched stars battled for several minutes. After leveling Fast Eddie with a Stone Cold Stunner, Lightning Bolt went for a splash in the corner, but Eddie pulled referee S.P. Anderson in front of him and Anderson was leveled by the splash and knocked cold. Eddie took down Lightning Bolt with a DDT, but there was no referee to count the pin. Just then, FWF owner J.D. Smooth (a former Cruiserweight Champion who lost the belt to Eddie) ran into the ring and stunned the crowd by taking down Eddie with a backwards piledriver and pulling Lightning Bolt on top of Eddie. Smooth revived the referee, who made a groggy three-count for Lightning Bolt.

Smooth seized the belt and leveled both Fast Eddie and Lightning Bolt with it, then stood over Lightning Bolt and vowed that his title reign would be short-lived as the belt would be his again.

In the main event, Team R.I.O.T (Big Jeff Noyze & Vinny Cenzo), with manager Captain Johnny Kool, took on Nico "Big Love" Francis & his partner, none other than former WWE & WCW World Heavyweight Champion "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash. After Nico held his own against his brother Vinny, he tagged in Nash, who demanded Big Jeff Noyze tag in. For all his power, Noyze was still out-powered by the seven-foot Nash, but when Nico tagged back in, Noyze and Vinny worked him over, keeping him from tagging in Nash, until Noyze missed a splash in the corner and tagged Nash back in. Nash cleaned house on Noyze, then leveled Cenzo with a big boot to the head followed by a Jack-Knife Powerbomb and the pin. WINNERS: Nico "Big Love" Francis & "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash