FWF at Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall
August 10, 2013

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation held the second of its 3-show "Summer Of Funk" weekend on Saturday night August 10th at the Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall. And the word must have spread quickly about how many fans missed the great action on Friday, because there was a packed house that night with plenty of energetic fans and another night of great wrestling action.

Before the show, the fans got pictures and autographs from former ECW hardcore icon Balls Mahoney and Impact Wrestling star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E.

David Adams was introduced as the ring announcer for the evening.

In the opening attraction, "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo won a mini Over-The-Top-Rope Battle Royal which also featured Matt McVay, "Big 80's" Donnie Victory, Jeff "Cannonball" Guerrero and an "Imposter Cannonball", "The Warrior" Jack Spade, "Retro Rocker" Rikki Roxx, and "Live Wire" Rich McGuire.

After the match, Bounty Hunter took the microphone and demanded an FWF Heavyweight Title match. Commissioner Al LiCata said he was impressed with Ringo, but not ready to give him a title shot yet. A visibly disturbed Ringo left the ring.

"Ice-Fire" Steve Zapf defeated "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm by reversing Fehrm's Nerd Cutter attempt into a Flatliner DDT and pinning him.

In a rematch from the previous night, Big Jeff Noyze, with manager Captain Johnny Kool, took on former ECW hardcore icon John"Balls" Mahoney in a Fans-Choose-The-Stipulation Match. Johnny Kool was sporting a neck brace, claiming Balls had injured him the previous night. Balls asked the fans to decide between a straight-up wrestling match, a No-Disqualification match, or a Falls-Count-Anywhere match. The fans overwhelmingly chose the Falls-Count-Anywhere match. The two tore into each other, taking the match all around the hall and smashing chairs and bottles and tables into each other. The match finally returned to the ring, and Balls DDT'd Noyze onto a chair; Noyze got his shoulder up at two but the referee didn't see that and counted to three and gave the match to Balls Mahoney.

Both Balls and Noyze agreed that this was no way to end the match. Commissioner Al LiCata would not restart the match, but agreed that they would meet again at a future area show.

In a tag-team match, The American Muscle Sharks (Mark Modest & Mike Matixx) took on the duo of T.N.T & "Jersey Shore Madman" Slayer. After a wild bout, T.N.T chokeslammed Matixx and Slayer bulldogged Modest on top of Matixx, and covered them both for the pin.

In a Triple-Threat Match that was billed as a battle of FWF dancing stars, FWF Heavyweight Champion The Atomic Dog took on challengers "Salsa King" Dionett Vaton and The Funky White Boy. The encounter started with a dance-off; the crowd boo'ed both Vaton and Funky, and cheered even more when Dog started his dance routine by clotheslining both opponents. After a hard-hitting match, Dog F-5'ed both Funky and Vaton and pinned Vaton to retain his title.

During intermission, the fans got more pictures and autographs from the wrestlers.

FWF Tag-Team Champions The Two Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers) came out to defend their titles, but they then announce dthat their scheduled opponents were not there, and demanded to be awarded their match by forfeit. Commissioner Al Licata announced that two former veteran FWF stars had called him and asked to return to the ring, with the provision that they have a match against the Dudes, and that it was a title match. Commissioner LiCata the introduced none other than "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans & Mike Dennis, who called themselves "Right To Party". The match was on, and the four veterans kept the fans on the edge of their seats. In the end, Dennis flattened Rampage with a flying drop kick, and Oceans hit his Boom-Boom-Pow finisher on Havoc and an Enziguri Kick on Rampage. Dennis and Oceams wnet up to deliver a double flying splash, but before that could happen, Havoc pulled Rampage out of the ring and the two limped back to the locker room, content to lose the match by countout and keep their titles.

In a "Brother vs. Brother" showdown, Vinny Cenzo, with manager Captain Johnny Kool, took on Nico "Big Love" Francis, who was managed by "Big 80's" Donnie Victory. After a wild match, Cenzo applied a chin-lock sleeper hold on Nico and the referee lifted and dropped Nico's arm three times and called for the bell, awarding the bout to Cenzo.

In the first of two main event matches, FWF Cruiserweight Champion Fast Eddie took on challengers Joey Janella and Mikey Pacifica. FWF owner J.D. Smoothie decided to give the fans who missed the previous night's show in Long Branch a taste of that action, and made the match a Doors-Ladders-and-Chairs Match. Eddie and Mikey offered to shake hands with Janella, who refused, only to get clotheslined out of the ring and the match was on. After plenty of chair and ladder shots inside and outside the ring, Janella propped up a wooden door outside the ring, only to be eventually tossed off the top rope into it by Mikey. While Mikey was looking around for Eddie, Eddie snuck up to the top rope and hit a flying neckbreaker on Mike, smashing him into a set of chairs, and pinned him to retain his title.

In the other main event match, Lightning Bolt Johnson took on Impact Wrestling TV star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E. Robbie took the mic before the match and angered the fans by saying how happy he was to now be living away from Jersey, and how he was the only real pro wrestler on the show that night. He then attacked Johnson and the match was on. Johnson was pounded by the veteran Robbie for most of the match, but held his own. Late in the match, Johnson went for an Avalanche in the corner, but Robbie pulled the referee into the corner instead and Johnson ended up knocking out the referee. Robbie took advantage and pulled out a chain he had hidden in the turnbuckle pads and leveled Johnson with it, but the groggy referee only got to a two-count before Johnson got a shoulder up. Robbie went for his spinning DDT finisher, but Johnson was able to wriggle out of the hold and rolled up Robbie with a schoolboy rollup and held him down for the three-count and victory.

After the match, Robbie took the microphone and confessed that he will always call Jersey his true home, and gave props to Johnson as a true professional, drawing cheers from the crowd as the show closed.