FWF at Holy Trinity Parish Hall, Long Branch, NJ
August 9, 2013

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returned to Long Branch, NJ's Holy Trinity Church Parish Hall on Friday night August 9th. A disappointingly small crowd was on hand, but they were treated to an outstanding night of action, and the only losers were the ones who didn't show up.

Before the show, the fans got pictures and autographs from former ECW hardcore icon Balls Mahoney, Impact Wrestling star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E, and a surprise guest, former WWE star Marty Janetty.

David Adams was introduced as the ring announcer for the evening.

In the opening attraction, Jeff "Cannonball" Guererro won a mini Battle Royal.

R.J. Gerhart defeated Kyle "The Beast" Winant with a flying pedigree.

In a tag-team match, T.N.T and "Jersey Shore Madman" Slayer defeated "Stylin'" Brandon Kirk & Matt McVay with a chokeslam from T.N.T and an Acid Drop Bulldog from Slayer.

Vinny Cenzo, with manager Captain Johnny Kool, defeated "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo. Ringo asserted his strength advantage early, but Cenzo attacked Ringo's knee to keep him off balance. In the end Ringo came back and was ready to powerbomb him when Johnny Kool jumped on the ring apron and distracted the referee long enough for Cenzo to hit a nasty low blow on Ringo and pin him.

In a battle of dancing superstars, Impact Wrestling star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E defeated "Salsa King" Dionett Vaton. Vaton challenged Robbie E to a dance-off to start the show, and the fans clearly chose Robbie as that winner. After a fast-paced match, Robbie planted his spinning DDT finisher on Vaton and pinned him.

During intermission, the fans got more pictures and autographs from the wrestlers.

FWF Tag-Team Champions The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers) retained their titles by disqualification over The Funky White Boy & FWF Heavyweight Champion The Atomic Dog. Funky's originally scheduled tag-team partner was not there, and he first chose a young lady from the audience to be his partner, but then he let down the excited Dudes by introducing his real partnet Atomic Dog. The Dudes could not overpower Atomic Dog, so they worked over the smaller Funky for several minutes until Dog tagged himself in. As Funky and Havoc spilled to the outside, Rampage seized the Dudes' megaphone to clock Dog with it, but Dog wrested it out of Rampage's hands. Rampage then lay down on the mat pretending that Dog had clocked him with the megaphone as the referee turned around, saw Dog holding the megaphone and Rampage laying on the mat "in pain", and disqualified Dog and Funky.

In a tag-team showdown, Right To Party (Mike Dennis & "The Love Machine" Nicky Oceans) defeated "Skateboarding" Joey Janella & Lightning Bolt Johnson. This collection of FWF veteran stars put on a thrilling match with lots of back and forth action and near-falls. In the end, Oceans took out Janella on the outside and knocked Lightning Bolt off the top rope as he was preparing to deliver a flaying splash on Dennis. Dennis superplex'ed Lightning Bolt into the mat and Oceans covered him for the pin.

In a no-holds-barred match, Big Jeff Noyze, with manager Captain Johnny Kool, defeated former ECW hardcore icon John "Balls Mahoney. Before the match, it was Noyze who wanted to make the match no rules, and after making sure that Noyze was in his right mind for suggesting that kind of match against an ECW veteran, Balls agreed. The two battled in the ring and all over the arena, with Balls Smashing Noyze into tables, chairs, soda cans, and anything else within reach. The match returned to the ring, where Balls had Noyze reeling again and was prepared to finish him off with a chair shot, when Johnny Kool jumped into the ring and pulled the chair out of Balls' hands. An angry Balls laid out Kool, but then turned around and was hit with a huge spear by Noyze, who held him down for the pin.

An angry Balls challenged Noyze to a rematch the next night in Island Heights, and challenged him to a Falls Count Anywhere Match. FWF Commissioner Al LiCata said that the two would have a match the next night, but he would pick the stipulations right at match time. Balls counter-offered that the fans should pick the match, and the Commissioner agreed.

In the main event, a Fatal Four-Way Doors & Ladders & Chairs Match, FWF Cruiserweight Champion Fast Eddie retained his title against challengers "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm & "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie & Mikey Pacifica. The match was all over the Parish Hall with plenty of chair and ladder shots, and included Smoothie hitting his flying "Leg Drop Across The Delaware" on Fehrm laying on top of a wooden door, smashing him through it. In the end, Smoothie took down Fehrm with a backwards piledriver onto a chair, but Pacifica took Smoothie down with a Codebreaker and a flying splash, but beforer Pacifica could get the pin, Eddie leveled Pacifica with a flying neckbreaker and pinned him to retain his title.