FWF at Brick, NJ Elks Lodge
April 27, 2013

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returned to their favorite Jersey Shore venue, the Brick, NJ Elks Lodge, on Saturday night April 27th, and another loud and energetic Jersey Shore crowd filled the hall once again.

Before the show, the fans got autographs and took pictures with former WWE & WCW International superstar Big Van Vader.

The Lords of Rock and Roll ("Retro Rocker" Rikki Roxx & the Jersey Kidd) defeated Ray Ray Marz & Slayer, with manager "Big 80's" Donnie V. after Jersey Kidd ducked a running leg-kick from Marz and rolled him up for a pin with his feet on the ropes for leverage (which the referee didn't see).

Corrupted Youth defeated "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm after fighting out of a Nerd Cutter from Fehrm and hitting a standing Lariat Drop on Fehrm for the three-count.

FWF Cruiserweight Champion "Fast" Eddie Franken retained his title against Vinny Cenzo after fighting out of a superplex attempt by Vinny and hitting a flying Spaghetti Neckbreaker on him for the pin.

In a tag-team Grudge Match, The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers), managed by Savannah, won by disqualification over "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo & Kevin Knight, who were managed by "Big 80's" Donnie V. After Ringo's knee was worked over for several minutes by the Dudes, Knight tagged in and cleaned house, but when he pitched Havoc into the corner, Referee Kenny Edwards got caught in the corner and was laid out. Havoc tried to take advantage by seizing his megaphone and aiming a shot at Knight's head, but Knight ducked and seized the megaphone. As the referee came to, Havoc then dropped down to the mat and laid on his back, pretending Knight had hit him with the megaphone. The referee saw Havoc on the mat and the megaphone in Knight's hands, and disqualified Knight and Ringo.

As Knight and Ringo were leaving the ring, out came Danny Demanto with a steel chair and laid them both out. He then took the microphone and announced that despite the resume of his scheduled opponent, former WWE & WCW international star Big Van Vader, he was going to take him down tonight, and invited Vader to come out and have the match right now. Vader came out suited up and ready to go, and Danny thought better and retreated to the outside. Danny then announced that the night's main event was now a tag-team match, and introduced his opponent, FWF owner "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie. Reluctant at first, Smoothie agreed. Demanto invited Vader to select any tag-team partner he wanted, and Vader introduced Lightning Bolt Johnson as his tag-team partner for the main event.

During intermission, the fans posed for pictures in the ring with Big Van Vader, and FWF celebrated birthdays, including Commissioner Al LiCata.

In a one-on-two Handicap Match, T.N.T defeated The American Muscle Sharks (Mark Modest & Mike Matixx). Matixx and Modest worked over T.N.T's knee for several minutes, keeping him at bay, but the big veteran eventually powered out, and he and Referee S.P. Anderson double chokeslammed Modest and Matixx for the double pin.

FWF Heavyweight Champion The Atomic Dog retained his title against number-one challenger Big Jeff Noyze, with manager Captain Johnny Kool. Before the match, both wrestlers agreed that this would be a no-holds-barred no-rules match. After a hard-hitting match inside and outside the ring, neither man could still pin the other. Johnny Kool tried to toss Noyze the Dog's chain to use as a weapon, but his aim was bad and Atomic Dog caught the chain and leveled Noyze with it and got the pin 1-2-3.

In the main event, former WWE & WCW international star Big Van Vader & Lightning Bolt Johnson defeated "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto. Unable to do anything against Vader, Demanto and Smoothie worked over Johnson. Vader eventually tagged in and cleaned house, delivering Vader-Bombs to both Demanto and Smoothie and covering them both for the 1-2-3.