FWF "Demolition-Dudes"
Long Hill Township Community Center, Stirling, NJ
April 6, 2013

T'was the night before WrestleMania, and all through the hall,
every fan was cheering, as FWF gave them their all!

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returned to Stirling, NJ's Long Hill Township Community Center on Saturday night April 6th, on the eve of WrestleMania 29 coming to NJ, with a house full of cheering fans and pro wrestling stars.

Before the show, the fans had the opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with former WWE legends Demolition (Ax & Smash) and "El Matador" Tito Santana, and Impact Wrestling star Robbie E.

In the opening contest, FWF Cruiserweight Champion Fast Eddie Franken defended his title against the number-one challenger, his own tag-team partner "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm. The match started friendly enough, but soon intensified, and while the two were battling on the top rope trying to superplex each other, they knocked each other off and all the way to the floor, where both were incapacitated and were counted out.
WINNER: None (double countout). Fast Eddie Franken retains the FWF Cruiserweight Title.

Neither man wanted the match to end that way and asked for it to be restarted for five more minutes. Commissioner Al LiCata said he could not due to time constraints, but signed a rematch for the two of them at FWF's return to Stirling in June.

The second contest was a One-On-Two Handicap Match as both members of Team Thunderhorse, Indian Chief Draven & "The Warrior" Jack Spade, who were managed by Lance Profit, took on the 400-plus pounds of Nigerian Nightmare La-Fu. Draven and Spade tried to work together to take out La-Fu, but La-Fu's size and impressive agility for such size kept him in the match. After flattening Draven with a tremendous moonsault off the top rope, La-Fu appeared to be headed for an easy victory, until Lance Profit came in and tried to break up the pin by hitting La-Fu with his cane, with Spade taking shots on La-Fu with the cane as well. The referee saw all this and called for the bell.
WINNER (by disqualification): Nigerian Nightmare La-Fu.

Draven and Spade continued to attack La-Fu until Commissioner Al LiCata threatened immediate suspension to both men. LiCata announced that at the next FWF Stirling show in June, Draven and Spade would face La-Fu *and* the original Nigerian Nightmare Ma-Fu!

The third match was a Triple-Threat Match between Mike Massacre, Kirk Silver (with manager Matt McVay), and Kyle "The Beast" Winant. At first, Massacre and Silver tried to team up to keep The Beast down, but the alliance broke down when each one stopped the other from pinning The Beast, and Massacre and Silver began brawling with each other. When Silver tried to superplex Massacre, The Beast took them both down with a Tower Of Doom Powerbomb, then battled both. The Beast caught Massacre in mid-air as he attempted a flying cross-body, leveled Silver with a boot to the face, then Michinoku-Driver'ed Massacre on top of Silver and pinned them both.
WINNER: Kyle "The Beast" Winant.

The fourth match was the first of the two main event matches, as Impact Wrestling star "Jersey Shore" Robbie E., with manager Gigolo Joe Jones, took on WWE Hall-Of-Famer "El Matador" Tito Santana. Robbie insulted Santana's age and claimed he was the relevant star now, but at the same time was reluctant to get in the ring with Santana. Robbie offered to shake hands with Santana, but when Santana extended his hand, Robbie tried to extend his foot into Santana's gut. But Santana knew all the tricks by now, and took down Robbie and matched him hold for hold. Robbie and Joe Jones together were able to double-team Santana, but the wiley veteran hung on, and after Robbie missed a flying fist-drop from the top rope, Santana took over on offense. Santana went for a "Flying Burrito" forearm finisher, but Robbie saw it coming and ducked out of the ring. Santana chased him back into the ring, and Robbie tripped him up as he came back in. Robbie then turned to the crowd and crowed about his cleverness, but didn't see Santana sneak up behind him, and Santana rolled him up in a small package for the three-count.
WINNER: "El Matador" Tito Santana.

During intermission, the fans posed for pictures in the ring with WWE legends Demolition and Tito Santana.

In the fifth match, a return match from the last area show, Lightning Bolt Johnson took on Eric Corvis. Lightning Bolt came out fighting and initially kept Corvis on the defensive, but the veteran Corvis eventually took the upper hand and dominated Lightning Bolt for several minutes. Lightning Bolt came back and hit a Canadian Destroyer on Corvis, followed by two Sharpshooter attempts which Corvis only escaped by making it to the ropes. Corvis trie dto take down Lightning Bolt with a low blow, but even this couldn't stop him. A frustrated Corvis left the ring and came back with a pair of steel chairs, with the intent of smashing Lightning Bolt's head between them. But Referee S.P. Anderson yanked the second chair out of Corvis' hands, and while he was removing it from the ring, Lightning Bolt took advantage and uranage'd Corvis onto the other chair, and the referee counted three for Lightning Bolt.
WINNER: Lightning Bolt Johnson.

The sixth match was an unusual pairing, as "Jersey Shore Lunatic" Slayer took on the 300+ pound Lumberjack Monroe, who was managed by Lance Profit. Slayer's wildly unpredictable style befuddled Lumberjack, but Lumberjack was able to eventually assert his size advantage for a time. But Slayer turned the tables on Lumberjack, and after reversing a superplex attempt by Lumberjack into a Tornado DDT, Slayer had the big man down for the count when Lance Profit jumped onto the ring apron to break up the pin. Slayer went after Lance, which gave Lumberjack enough time to recover and flatten Slayer with a belly-to-belly suplex and get the pin.
WINNER: Lumberjack Monroe.

The seventh match was an inter-gender tag-team match as "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie & the debut'ing Venym took on Ray-Ray Marz & Aida. The two rookie ladies and veteran men battled all over the ring. In the end, when the ladies were battling on the outside, Smoothie withstood a flying knee from Marz, then came back and hit a dropkick on Marz followed by a flying Legdrop Across The Delaware and got the pinfall.
WINNERS: "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie & Venym.

The final match of the evening was the other main event match, as The 2 Rude Dudes ("Corrupted" Corey Havoc & "Rampage" Rogers), managed by Gigolo Joe Jones, took on former WWE Tag-Team Champions Demolotion (Ax & Smash). Ax & Smash immediately asserted the power advantage they still had, and kept Havoc & Rampage totally on the defensive early in the match. A missed charge into the corner by Smash allowed Havoc & Rampage to double-team him for a short time. But Smash soon tagged Ax back in, who unloaded on both opponents. All four men battled in the ring, and Ax and Smash pitched Havoc and Rampage into each other, but Havoc and Rampage grabbed Referee Kenny Edwards and pulled him into the collision, knocking him to the mat. While Ax and Havoc battled on the outside, Rampage grabbed Smash and Joe Jones picked up the megaphone and aimed a shot at Smash, but Smash ducked and Jones' megaphone shot took down Rampage instead. Referee Kenny Edwards saw all that, and also smarting from Havoc and Rampage grabbing him and taking him down, called for the bell and disqualified The 2 Rude Dudes.
WINNERS (by disqualification): Demolition.