FWF At Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall
March 2, 2013

Funkdafied Wrestling Federation returned to the Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall on Saturday night March 2nd for an action-packed evening. And "packed" is also an accurate description of the crowd, as vitually all seats were filled with cheering and energetic fans.

Before the show, Sargeant Jimmy Storm came to the ring wearing a neck brace as a result of the injury he suffered at the hands of Danny Demanto the previous week in Long Branch. The Sarge was relegated to ring announcer duties that evening. He remined the crowd who his assailant was, and that Demanto hadn't even bothered to call him in the hospital or at home. Demanto himself responded by coming out to the ring to a chorus of boo's. Demanto claimed that he was truly sorry, and offered to apologize and shake Sarge's hand. The Sarge was not convinced of Demanto's sincerity, and his concerns were well-founded, as Demanto's extended hand suddenly seized the Sarge by the neck and shoved him in the corner. Before he could do any further damage, out from the back came former WWE international star Savio Vega to the rescue, and Demanto retreated to the outside. Demanto seized the microphone and warned Savio not to interfere in his business. Savio responded that he had an open challenge for tonight and challenged Demanto to meet him in the ring in the main event. Demanto agreed, mocking Savio's Puerto Rican heritage, and offered to have the match right now, but when Savio charged him, Demanto retreated to the back and said he would wait for the main event.

In Match #1, The American Muscle Sharks (Mark Modest & Mike Matixx) defeated Fast And Firm (Fast Eddie Franken & "The White Urkel" B. Fehrm), with manager "Big 80's" Donnie V. Modest broke up a double superplex attempt by Eddie and Fehrm on Matixx with an enziguri to Fehrm and a running powerslam on Eddie, followed by a flying splash by Matixx on Eddie and the three-count.

In Match #2, T.N.T defeated "Stylin'" Brandon Kirk, with manager Matt McVay. McVay tried to stop T.N.T's momentum by jumping up on the apron and distracting him, but when Brandon leaped off the top rope, T.N.T saw him coming and caught him in a chokeslam for the three-count. A frustrated Brandon leveled his manager with a forward crucifix slam after the match.

In Match #3, Vinny Cenzo defeated Crazed after reversing a flying sunset flip from Crazed into a rollup, and holding him down with a handful of tights for the three-count.

In Match #4, FWF Heavyweight Champion "The Atomic Dog" & "Bounty Hunter" Johnny Ringo won by disqualification over "Rampage" Rogers & "Mr. Entertainment" J.D. Smoothie, with manager Savannah. Rogers and his 2 Rude Dudes partner originally came out together to face Atomic Dog and Ringo, but Rampage told his partner he wanted him to be at 100% for his match with Lightning Bolt Johnson later, and introduced Smoothie as his partner for the evening. After a grueling brawl, Dog had leveled both Smoothie and Rampage, and had Rampage in a Camel Clutch and Chinlock submission move. Smoothie and Savannah tried to distract the referee as Havoc returned to the ring and clocked Dog with his megaphone, but the referee saw it and called for the disqualification.

Havoc and Rampage and Smoothie continued to beat up on Ringo and Dog until FWF officials broke up the fight.

During intermission, former WWE star Savio Vega signed autographs and posed for pictures with the fans.

In Match #5, Ray Ray Marz & Slayer, with manager "Big 80's" Donnie V., defeated Strife & "The Beast" Kyle Winant, with manager Savannah. After a back and forth match, Strife took out Marz on the outside as The Beast lifted up Slayer for a spiked piledriver by Strife. But Marz came back and spin-kicked Strife off the top rope. Slayer took down The Beast with a Tornado DDT and covered him for the three-count.

In Match #6, a Hardcore Grudge Match from the last Ocean County show, "Corrupted" Corey Havoc defeated Lightning Bolt Johnson. After a back and forth brawl inside and outside the ring, Johnson planted Havoc into the mat with a Canadian Destroyer, then dragged a wooden door into the ring. Rampage Rogers ran into the ring to help Havoc, but Johnson took him down with a Rock Bottom. Johnson took down Havoc with a flying kick. J.D. Smoothie then ran into the ring, but Johnson took him down with an RKO. That was enough for Havoc to recover and pick up Johnson and crucifix-slammed him through the wooden door, then covered him for the three-count.

After the match, Havoc and Rampage and Smoothie continued the attack on Johnson until Johnny Ringo and The Atomic Dog ran into the ring to chase them away. Atomic Dog seized the microphone and challenged Havoc and Rampage and Smoothie to a six-man tag-team Hardcore Match against him and Ringo and Johnson at the next Brick show in late April.

In the Main Event, former WWE international superstar Savio Vega defeated "The Cold-Hearted Playa" Danny Demanto, with manager Gigalo Joe Jones. The two brawled inside and outside the ring, with Danny trying every trick he could to outwit Savio, but Savio powered up in the face of Demanto's offense. Joe Jones jumped up on the ring apron to break up the momentum, and Savio knocked him off. Demanto seized a chain and leveled Savio with it, but could only get a two-count. An angry Demanto shoved referee S.P. Anderson, who stood his ground and shoved him back, and then kicked him and powerbombed him. Demanto seized a chair to finish off Savio, but he didn't see Sargeant Jimmy Storm come to ringside and remove his neck brace to reveal an actually healed-up neck. Storm seized the chair out of Demanto's hand, and as Demanto argued with Storm, Savio seized the chair and swung it at Demanto. Demanto ducked the chair shot, but then ran right into a superkick from Savio, who covered him as Storm donned a referee shirt and made the three-count.